War Heroes of India

By Pickle  November 9, 2023
War Heroes of India, Pickle Media

Animated Series | 52 Episodes x 24 minutes | Comic series on Indian war heroes transformed into an animation series

An animated series which will bring to life the unmatched gallantry of Indian war heroes, how they lived, how they fought and how they won the wars for their beloved country. Inspiring stories of bravery and patriotism, of war and heroics will be the key content for the series.



Producer/s: Screenyug Creations Pvt. Ltd.
Writer and concept creator: Major General G D Bakshi
Target Age Group: 9+ Years
Contact: Ashish S K, Anand Pandey
Website: www.screenyug.com
Phone:+91-9765041999, +91-9326802288
Email: ashishsk@screenyug.com /anand.pandey@screenyug.com

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