Beyhadh Season 2

By Pickle  October 19, 2022
Beyhadh Season 2, Pickle Media

Drama | Romance | Thriller | Completed | India

One of the more unique romantic thrillers to have ruled Indian television, the first season of Beyhadh earned both critical and commercial acclaim around the world due to its unconventional theme and strong performances. In particular, Jennifer Winget, who portrayed the character of protagonist Maya, owner of a fashion magazine, earned accolades for her impressive portrayal. Season 2 sees Jennifer reprising the fan favorite character. In the second installment, when Maya is betrayed by the man she loves, she chooses to destroy him by wooing the only persons he cares for the most – his sons. Treated as a revenge saga, season 2 of Beyhadh chronicles the wrath of a woman who is hurt and betrayed, but manages to pick up the fallen pieces of her life and extracts her revenge through the one thing that comes most easily to her – love.


Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt Ltd

Producer/S: Prateek Sharma
Director: Prateek Shah
Status: Completed
Sales Rights: Worldwide except US sanctioned territories
Phone: +91 8419998990

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