Crime world

By Pickle  October 24, 2023
Crime world, Pickle Media

Crime,thriller,action|500 x 60′ on air|India

Crime thrives in the darkest crevices of our society, and many of us remain oblivious until it ends up staring us in the face. ‘Crime World’ lifts the curtain of these depraved acts and lays bare the murky depths to which criminal intentions can take an individual. And as you become more aware, you become better prepared for when crime comes knocking at your door. Crime world brings to life true stories of criminal incidents in a dramatized format. The storytelling follows an episodic thread wherein each new episode depicts the story of a new crime. Many of these crimes happen in domestic setting and bring to life how seemingly normal individuals get caught up in the web of criminal intent. Crime world is bound to keep the audience riveted while also making them aware of unexpected criminal aberrations that can happen anywhwere, anytime and with anyone.



Producer/S: Shemaroo Entertainment
Sales Rights: Worldwide
Phone: +91 9920156157

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