Hari Mirch Laal Mirch

By Pickle  October 26, 2023
Hari Mirch Laal Mirch, Pickle Media

Never seen before Saas with a literal ‘Dual-Life’ On one hand she is susheel, sanskari and agyaakari and on the other hand an incorruptible, tough as a nail ‘Bhaukaal thaanedar’ riding a bullet.Her bahu is an alhad, mastikhor, manmouji, dabang bahu with a dhadakta dil. They are always one upping each other – and have their own opposite agendas leading to hilarious tiffs & situations.



Producer/S: Beginnen Media
Status: Completed
Email: dimpy@onetakemedia.in
Phone: +91 9820772521

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