Kalari Martial Arts Of India

By Pickle  October 19, 2022
Kalari Martial Arts Of India, Pickle Media

Documentary | Completed | 2022 | India

It’s not uncommon for age-old traditions and practices to fade away over the years. But in some cases, the passage of time allows their popularity to grow. Kalaripayattu, a centuries-old form of martial arts practised in Kerala, is one such example. Kalaripayattu is believed to be one of the oldest surviving martial arts and is over 3000 years old. The ancient martial art is a combination of intense dedication, patience, discipline as well as spirituality. Rigorous movements, complex jumps and tactical use of weapons — both wooden sticks and the sharo metal weapons — all make Kalaripayattu a visual treat.


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Director: Kunal Daswani
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