By Pickle  October 18, 2022
Khanaur, Pickle Media

Feature film Drama Completed 2021 India

Khanaur is the vernacular word for a local variety of Bitter Chestnut, which the villagers believe is made edible by washing regularly for seven straight days The film looks at the aspirations, fears, and insecurities of living in the present times, through the eyes of a young Kishan, as he yearns for the bitterness to eventually fade away from the fruit. It is about the inner beauty and charm of people who live in harmony with nature—till now free of the constant pressure of conformity, of embracing monstrous consumerism and fruits of globalisation. True, Kishan will leave one day wanting to indulge in these temptations.


ContentFlow Studios

Producer/S: Bobby Bedi
Director: Gurvinder Singh
Sales Rights: Worldwide. Broadcast, OTT & digital formats
Phone: +91-9810577795

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