Kismat ki lakiro se

By Pickle  October 28, 2023
Kismat ki lakiro se, Pickle Media

Family drama|329 x 30′ on air|India

The story is about two sisters, Shraddha and Kirti Dixit. Belonging to a middle-class family, Shraddha and Kirti lead different lives and have distinct dream sand ambitions. Shraddha, the elder sister,is focused and ambitious in life. Whereas, Kirti is driven by material stitching and wants to marry a rich guy. In pursuit of getting Shraddha married,a perfect match is found in Varun Tripathi,a handsome, self-made and responsible man. But,fate takes a different turn when Varun falls in love with Kirti and wishes to marry her. Being the dutiful son owing to his parent’s wishes,Varun agrees to marry Shraddha. However, an unexpected incident invites trouble on the wedding day, which disrupts the lives of the Dixit and Tripathi family. The plot of the series revolves around the daily struggles of Shraddha and how’s he overcomes them. The series is a well-balanced mix of drama, entertainment, heart-warming banters and more! The series aims to strike a chord with women and empower them.



Producer/S: Shemaroo Entertainment
Sales Rights: Worldwide
Phone: +91 9920156157

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