Kyuki tum hi ho

By Pickle  October 28, 2023
Kyuki tum hi ho, Pickle Media

Romance,Family drama|222 x 30’|2022

The story is about a simple and loving girl, Kavya, belonging to a typical middle-class family. Ever since her childhood, she had it all – a loving family, good education and a great childhood friend and companion in Ayushmann. Ayushmann has loved Kavya since childhood, but he could never express his love to her. But later came Karan, who was everything that Kavya wished to have in her husband. Eventually, Kavya and Karan get married which went on to become the talk of the town. Little did she know that what she believed to be a fairytale was a story of lies and deceit. Within a few weeks of their marriage, Karan pretends to be dead in an accident to escape from his financial problems. Kavya is left alone to struggle and take care of Karan’s family. With Ayushman by her side throughout, Kavya realizes he is her true love. The story takes us on a journey of this endearing love story and Kavya’s path to becoming a business owner. But is it the end of the story or the beginning of another?



Producer/S: Shemaroo Entertainment
Sales Rights: Worldwide
Phone: +91 9920156157

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