Maharani Season 2

By Pickle  October 19, 2022
Maharani Season 2, Pickle Media

Drama | Politics | Completed | India

As Bheema Bharti administers a proxy government from prison, CM Rani Bharti is accused of misgovernance. Law and order have entirely collapsed in the state of Bihar and the opposition holds Rani responsible for the state’s ‘Jungle Raj’. Facing constant opposition from her own party and dealing with a
husband who is obstinately plotting to overthrow her government, she is forced to make some moves that will change the whole political scenario. But will her decisions suffice given her own husband is her greatest enemy?


Sony Pictures Networks India Pvt Ltd

Producer/S: Naren Kumar, Dimple Kharbanda
Director: Ravindra Gautam
Status: Completed
Sales Rights: Worldwide except US sanctioned territories
Phone: +91 8419998990

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