Mann Ati sundar – Purest of Heart

By Pickle  October 28, 2023
Mann Ati sundar – Purest of Heart, Pickle Media

Family drama|Tv Drama Serial|India

“Mann Ati sundar” unravels the compelling story of Radhika, a girl from a small town, deeply rooted in her family’s modest sweet shop business. Despite her amiable nature, her weight becomes an obstacle as she faces societal standards of beauty. Her parents, especially her mother, worry about her prospects in a world that prioritizes fair, tall, and slim brides. Fate leads her to marry Divyam, but she remains unaware of a hidden deal between her father and the groom. As the narrative unfolds, Radhika’s journey takes her into a family that starkly contrasts with her background, and she grapples with being an outsider in terms of looks, status, and education.



Producer/S: Panorama Entertainment
Sales Rights: Worldwide
Phone: +91 8356873045

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