Molkki (A Bought Bride)

By Pickle  October 19, 2022
Molkki (A Bought Bride), Pickle Media

Romance | Family Drama Episodes: 322 X 30’ 2020-21

Rooted deep in the rural parts of the states of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana in Northern India, rests a very disturbing concept of Bride Buying, thanks to the skewed sex ration in these states. Molkki is the story of Purvi, a girl who is sold by her father as a Bride to Virendar, the village chief who is a widower, twice her age, and a father to two kids.

She faces struggles of adjustment, identity and pride but above all, a man who is still in love with his late wife. Overnight, she must become a mother to his little boisterous children, while the family leaves no stone unturned in making her aware of her status as a Bought Bride from a family belonging to a lower class of society.

But Purvi is determined to fight this battle with dignity. She tries her best to adjust, and realizes that Virendar is not afraid to stand up for the right. Their mutual respect stands the tribulations thrown at them and soon blossoms into an unspoken, often unacknowledged love. Will they have a future together, or will the untold truth of the past stand in their way?


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