Nyam Nyam

By Pickle  October 18, 2022
Nyam Nyam, Pickle Media

Food | 2022 | India

Nyam Nyam brings you some easyto- prepare cake decorations and tutorials that will ensure a smooth journey to create globally-appealing desserts, promising you an oddly satisfying viewing experience. Not only will these desserts be a treat to your eyes, but they will also impress your palate, making them perfect for every occasion. What’s the best part? You can make it along with your family or just by yourself as you follow the steps!


Yoboho New Media Pvt Ltd

Producer/S: Yoboho
Director: Yoboho
Status: Completed and in continuous production
Sales Rights: Global
Website: http://www.yoboho.com
Email: licensing@yoboho.com
Phone: +91 9892100750

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