Ponniyin Selvan

By Pickle  March 22, 2022
Ponniyin Selvan, Pickle Media

Ponniyin Selvan: I also known as PS-I, is the most-awaited Tamil epic historical fiction film directed and co-produced by Mani Ratnam, who has to his credit six National Film Awards, four Filmfare Awards, six Filmfare Awards South, and numerous awards at various film festivals across the world. In 2002, the Government of India honoured him with the Padma Shri, acknowledging his contributions to film. Set in 9th century, the film revolves around the early life of Chola Prince Arulmozhi Varman who later was known as the great Chola emperor Raja Raja Chola and was the most powerful King in South at his time chiefly remembered for reinstating the Chola power and ensuring its supremacy in South East Asia and Indian Ocean. Made on a budget of ₹500 crore, Ponniyin Selvan is the second most expensive Indian film, the first being 2.0. PS is based on Ponniyin Selvan, a popular Tamil novel written by legendary writer Kalki. Though many had tried in vain to make the novel as film, Mani Ratnam has succeeded in it. Since this is perhaps the first such film from the filmmaker known for his topical movies, expectations are running high on this mega budget multilingual.

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