By Pickle  October 28, 2023
Silamabam, Pickle Media

Live Action|Documentary|2022|India

“Silambam – Martial Arts of India” is a captivating documentary that explores the ancient and revered martial art of Silambam, deeply rooted in India’s cultural heritage. Originating in Tamil Nadu, this art form is renowned for its mastery of weaponry, particularly the bamboo stick. The film delves into the etymology of Silambam, where “Silam” signifies “mountain,” and “bam” represents “bamboo,” symbolizing the central role of this versatile weapon. Tracing its origins back to prehistoric times, it highlights how bamboo sticks were initially used for self-defense and evolved into a sophisticated combat system.The documentary showcases the intricate techniques inspired by nature’s movements, drawing from elephants, horses, and tigers. Interviews with Silambam masters reveal its philosophy and discipline, linking mind, body, and soul for self-improvement. As the film unfolds, it immerses viewers in the vibrant culture of Tamil Nadu, where Silambam remains an integral part of festivals and rituals. This documentary pays tribute to tradition and heritage, preserving the profound wisdom of Silambam—an art form that exemplifies India’s artistic splendor and martial prowess.



Producer/S: Super Audio Madras Pvt Ltd
Director: Gopinath
Status: Completed
Sales Rights: Worldwide
Phone: +91 98194 47322
Kunal Daswnai +91 9840823223

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