The Gone Game Season 1

By Pickle  October 19, 2022
The Gone Game Season 1, Pickle Media

Thriller | 2020 | 4 x 60 minutes

The Gone Game’ is a first of its kind pandemic thriller set in the 2020 lockdown. A family of 4 is stranded in different cities when they discover that one of them has been infected by the virus. As they try to come to terms with the news, they realise that a more sinister plot may be at play. The show follows the Gujral family trying to uncover a disappearance and suspected murder in the midst of an unforeseen, global pandemic. 2020 changed the world forever, but for the Gujral family, the nightmare has just begun!


Indiacast (A TV 18 & Viacom18 Venture) – Bringing India To The World

Jhanvi Sangani – MENA, Africa & Europe +91 9819861131
Keerthana Anand – APAC, AMERICAS, TURKEY +91 8451991552
Amar Trivedi: +91 9820799091
Sheetal Mehra: VP IB&S and Syndication +971 551160384

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