MIPTV 2024 Edit Note

By Pickle  April 6, 2024
MIPTV 2024 Edit Note, Pickle Media

We’re thrilled to unveil the latest edition of Pickle for MIPTV 2024. As April marks our dedicated focus on MIPTV, we’re excited to share insights and updates from the 61st edition of the International Television Program Market. This year, MIPTV took a significant turn as RX France announced the conclusion of MIPTV in Cannes, paving the way for a new market: MIP London. Scheduled from February 24 to 27, 2025, MIP London is poised to complement the existing annual meeting and continue to serve as a pivotal platform for entertainment executives and studios worldwide.

In this edition, we have featured a cover story on Yash Patnaik, the Managing Director of Inspire Films. With a rich legacy spanning three decades, Yash’s visionary leadership has propelled Inspire Films to the forefront of Indian entertainment. From launching Beyond Dreams to steering Inspire Films towards a successful listing on India’s National Stock Exchange, Yash’s journey exemplifies perseverance, resilience, and a deep understanding of the Indian market.

Additionally, we’re excited to highlight the significant developments at MIFF 2024. Organized by NFDC under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, the 18th Mumbai International Film Festival (MIFF) serves as a beacon for Indian documentary and short cinema. With a focus on recognizing excellence in filmmaking, MIFF provides a platform for homegrown talent to shine on the global stage. This year’s edition introduces the Documentary Film Bazaar, offering filmmakers opportunities for collaboration, funding, and international recognition.

Furthermore, we’re delighted to announce WE’s presentation of Content Buys from India at MIPTV. With a strategic focus on increasing film shooting, co-production, and post-production operations in India, WE aims to establish the country as a global filmmaking hub. The recent announcement of $3.6 million in incentives underscores India’s commitment to fostering a vibrant and competitive media and entertainment industry.

As we navigate the dynamic landscape of global film markets and festivals, we value your feedback and suggestions. We invite you to explore the diverse offerings in this edition of Pickle and reach out for inquiries regarding participation in upcoming events and collaborations.

Your continued support propels us forward as we strive to elevate the dialogue and drive innovation in the ever-evolving world of entertainment.

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