Dhulo Bali Katha

By Pickle  March 2, 2021
Dhulo Bali Katha, Pickle Media

Dhulo Bali Katha (Drama)

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Status: completed
Producer: Jayshree Production
Director: Biplab Bandyopadhyay
Writer: Rabishankar Bal
Email : rishikalpo@gmail.com
Sales Contact : +919330229694

Rajaditya belongs to that class of people who have a deep-rooted ancestral legacy in North Kolkata. He resides at one end of an edifice which was probably built by his grandfather. His only sibling, Joga is mentally unsound and has taken refuge at a street footpath. Thus, the rooms, the staircase and the memories are the only companions of Rajadiya. He builds a museum in his ground floor, inspired from the The Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb, Croatia. He names it The Museum of Relationships. With time, the museum gets covered with various items ranging from Partition, citizenship, murder and love. Rajaditya’s uncle sometimes tries to persuade him to sell off his share and move into an apartment. Will Rajaditya surrender his dreams to the wisher of his uncle? Or submit to death?


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