Eti Nakhyatra

By Pickle  March 1, 2021
Eti Nakhyatra, Pickle Media


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Status : Completed
Producer, Director, Writer : Pankaj Mazumder
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Sales Contact : +91 8254906457

Niro an aged woman, was abandoned on road by her own elder child Niren. Earlier she was taking care of by her second son Dhiren and Daughter in law Torali. After their accidental sudden death, she had been looked after by her elder son Niren and his wife Charo, who has two teenage daughters too. They also had to look after their orphan nephew Sanku. Due to poor economic condition they could not cope up their responsibilities properly. Ambitious and self-centric Charo somehow convinced her husband Niren to abandoned his mother. Accordingly, they did so. But Niro’s youngest son Biren, who lived far away in a Tea garden, came to rescue her. Eventually she had to take shelter in an Old Aged Home. But her youngest son was insisting her to return home with him. But she did not wish to return. After few days she faced some unwanted incidents, which make her mind to go back. Before returning home, in a TV interview, Niro revealed, she knew much earlier that she would to be abandoned by her own child. On the day abandoned, she hided her all pain and supported her ill minded son to be abandoned herself and tried her best to protect him from probable accusation. Before that she tried to awake his conscience too. But it was no use. Later, she framed to establish in her world that her son was missing. But due to alertness of police, she could not establish it properly. In the meantime, Niren and her wife Charo begged forgiveness for their act. But on the way to home she commit suicide. She felt that, old aged or senior citizens should get their respectable due life. They should not be deprived from their basic needs, love and care. Forgiveness may heal a criminal mind. But it would not eradicate crime from the society. Fight to eradicate crime is necessary.



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