The Startups of EFM 2022 

By Pickle  February 3, 2022
The Startups of EFM 2022 , Pickle Media

Building on its seven successful editions, EFM Startups will present innovative, international entrepreneurs working in the area of production, development and distribution in the film and audio-visual media industries at the online EFM 2022.

EFM has supported over 100 startups in the media, technology and entertainment biz that enabled innovation and deployed AI, blockchain in the film industry value chain.

The companies selected to participate in EFM Startups were carefully curated to showcase new ideas in the intersection between media and technology – be it in development, production, distribution or marketing – which are essential to the industry’s survival and future growth in a rapidly changing landscape.

Selected companies participating in the EFM Startups 2022, will be invited to pitch their Startup to an audience of producers, programmers, financiers, sales agents and distributors; virtually attend a series of matched 1:1 with producers and other industry professionals and take part in selected EFM online market screenings and events. Ahead of the online market, they will be prepped for the EFM Startups with virtual personal and group meetings as well as a series of digital pitch training sessions.

Maria Tanjala and Irina Albita, Big Couch. EFM Startups Alumni 2018, says, “EFM Startups champions talent and ambition while inspiring Startup founders with the confidence to reach their highest goals.”

EFM Startups 2022 Participating Entrepreneurs are Aibeatz, BetaSeries, Cascade8, Freque, Marionette, Mnemonica, by PromoMii, Prisma, Publikum, Qwest TV, Respeecher Inc, The GreenShot.

Here is a quick look on startups participating in Berlinale 2022 and what they are up to.


AIBeatz (Germany) is a stand-alone AI beat-making platform that empowers users’ to easily create original music in real-time right in browser. Adrian Liguere is the co-founder, CEO and Daniel Murcia is co-founder, CTO.


Thanks to its unique TV series usage data gathered on 2.1M members, BetaSeries (France) produces exclusive analytics on TV series and OTT platforms and analyzes for producers their TV series scripts in order to deliver simple and complete marketing sales pitches answering commissioners needs such as audience segmentation or performance forecast. Rémi Tereszkiewica is the CEO and Maxime Valette is founder and CTO.


Cascade8 (France) is the tech branch of French media group Logical Pictures. It develops blockchain and software solutions for content industry professionals. Cascade8 had notably developed applications like (NFT marketplace for films and TV series), Archipel Content (content marketplace) and Archipel Market (ongoing film market platform). Yannick Bossenmeyer is CEO and co-founder, while Yuki You is business developer.


Freque (Germany), a Potsdam based tech company, was officially founded in 2021 and is the first music productivity tool for filmmakers. The brainchild of founder Justin Michael La Vallee (American), Tobias Wagner (German), Paolo Galli (Italian) and Stephan Baumann (German), freque offers new digital solutions for the film and music industries. Justin Michael La Vallee and Tobias Wagner are its co-founders and managing directors.


Marionette (Denmark) gives animators the possibility of recording motion capture anywhere without the need for motion capture suits. It helps minimize the pre-visualization work to maximize the creative output. Tommy Thore Ipsen (Thore) is the CEO, while Jennifer Anne Ipsen is COO.


Mnemonica (Italy) is the European viewing & sharing platform for the film industry, designed for top-grade security and ease of use. A unique combination of smart screening rooms and a two-way file transfer facility, that can flexibly streamline all phases of film and series lifecycle, from casting to production & post, and long-term archiving. Piero Costantini is the CEO
and Stefano Diana is the CCO.

Nova by PromoMii

Nova by PromoMii (UK) is an A.I. powered video search, retrieval and clip generation platform that enables users to instantly deep-search their video, audio, and archival libraries for specific moments categorized by emotions, objects, people, actions, scene types, words and more. Automatically transcribes, translates, and subtitles 40+ languages and allows users to generate multiple new clips from original content in seconds. Michael Moss is co- founder and CEO, Linnea Langfjord Kristensen is head of operations.

Prisma Germany

Prisma (Germany) is a fully decentralized, social network to distribute films without boundaries where you discover, sell, re-sell, share, gift, and collect movies as NFT Licenses. On Prisma’s new, unique platform everyone can truly own, promote & track their movies and transact directly with their community through blockchain tech. Vincent Lopez is co-founder and CTO,
Raiomond Mirza is head of operations.


Publikum (Denmark) is a service for audience research offering a combination of AI-analysis and anthropological insights in early-stage script development. The Danish company helps filmmakers elevate their creativity by journeying into the feelings their stories triggers in a future audience with the precision of big data and the depth of human science. Lars Tversted is CFO and co-founder, while Neils Alberg, who too is a co-founder, is the CEO.

Qwest TV

Cofounded by Quincy Jones, Qwest TV (France) is part of the explosion of the global video streaming market. With 3 music TV channels & a SVOD platform-1500 hours (concerts, documentaries, originals), Qwest TV is in a B2B expansion phase. It has more than 13M monthly viewers. It already has 220 universities partnering with Qwest TV EDU. Reza Ackbaraly is the CEO, while Pierre-Henri Moulard is General Manager.

Respeecher Inc.

Respeecher Inc. (Ukraine) is a speech-to-speech system. It allows one person to speak in the voice of another particular person. Respeecher was launched in early 2018 with the goal to create a high-quality synthetic speech that would go through picky sound engineers in Hollywood studios. Today Respeecher is a team of 30+ ppl. Alex Serdiuk is the CEO and co-founder.

The GreenShot

The GreenShot (Belgium) accelerates the move to eco-certified productions by making the process fluid, easy, financially attractive and inclusive of the crew. Invented by location manager Max Hermans, the app delivers the missing link: live, cost-efficient sustainability on-set and in-studio! TheGreenShot won the 2021 Makers & Shakers ‘tech production innovation of the year’. Max Hermans is co-founder and COO, while Véronique Pevtschin is co-founder and CEO.

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