By Pickle  March 1, 2021
Uyare, Pickle Media

Uyare (Drama)

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Status: Completed
Producer: S Cube Films
Director: Manu Ashokan
Writer: Bobby, Sanjay
Sales Contact: +91 4442965900

Pallavi, a strong-willed woman aspires to become a pilot and successfully gets admitted into a pilot training centre in Mumbai. With a busy schedule, she manages to cope up with the relationship between her and Govind. In her almost perfect life, her balance slides more towards passion than love. One day, she gets frustrated with Govind’s growing demands and asks him to leave her alone. But things take a weird turn as Govind attacks her with acid the following day. The injuries suffered by the acid attack reduce her eyesight and her life turns upside down eventually. Losing hope she lands herself down from her high ambitions, but fate has different plans for her and blows some wind on her life.

Uyare, Pickle Media

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