Film Bazaar 2023: A Tapestry of Cinematic Brilliance

By Pickle  November 22, 2023
Film Bazaar 2023: A Tapestry of Cinematic Brilliance, Pickle Media

The 17th edition of Film Bazaar has an exciting addition called the VFX & Tech Pavilion. Its purpose is to encourage filmmakers to think beyond the traditional methods of capturing scenes and instead explore inventive ways to craft and shape stories using cutting-edge technology

In the lively setting of Goa, the 17th NFDC Film Bazaar unfolded on Monday at the Marriot Resort
alongside the esteemed International Film Festival of India (IFFI), heralding an atmosphere brimming
with creativity and cinematic visions.

Union Information and Broadcasting Minister, Anurag Thakur, inaugurated the event, emphasizing
its significance in shaping India’s cinematic landscape. With applause filling the air, the festival
embarked on a journey celebrating innovation, storytelling, and global collaboration.

On the occasion, Thakur said “the Indian media & entertainment industry, with an annual growth
rate of 20%, is hailed as the fifth-largest and most globalized industry in the world”. In its 17th year,
the Film Bazaar has become an indispensable cornerstone of the IFFI, transcending borders and
evolving into one of Asia’s biggest film markets, the minister added.

The festival is showcasing India’s proficiency in Visual Effects (VFX) as a key theme, marking the
country as a hub for pioneering visual storytelling on a global scale. This year, the Film Bazaar has a
newly curated “VFX & Tech Pavilion” which intends to make the filmmakers aware of the latest
innovations, to explore the possibilities of storytelling by not just the traditional way of “taking the
shot”, but also “creating the shot”.

At the heart of Film Bazaar are its core elements—the Co-Production Market, Work-in-Progress Lab,
and Book to Box Office—facilitating partnerships, sparking innovative projects, and embracing diverse cultural narratives.

The Co-Production Market, established in 2007, facilitated international collaborations. This year, it
is hosting 20 feature-length projects from 11 countries in 13 languages, broadening horizons in

A notable addition is the inclusion of Documentaries, recognizing the power of globally resonating
reality-driven narratives. The section features 12 projects from 7 nations in 17 languages, selected
from 98 entries across 15 countries.

““We proudly present twelve documentaries from 7 countries in the Coproduction Market, exploring
life in 17 different languages. It’s a journey into the heart of reality through the lens of filmmakers,”
said Thakur.

He informed that this year, the selection of films for the Film Bazaar reflects a diverse mix of fiction,
docu-shorts, documentaries, horror films, and even an animated film that deals with universal themes relating to the diaspora, patriarchy, urban angst, extreme poverty, climate crisis, nationalism, sports and fitness.

The video library platform, the Viewing Room, shows 190 submissions, a few submissions from which will be selected for the Film Bazaar Recommends (FBR). “The Work-in-Progress Lab is where filmmakers show the raw beauty of their work. Doubling the project count from last year, we have 10 projects ready to unveil this year,” the Minister said.

The Knowledge Series offers industry professionals a platform to explore global market trends through panels, masterclasses, and discussions. International panels added depth, fostering knowledge exchange.

Market Screenings present a variety of films—7 short films, 32 features, 3 animations, 2 documentaries, and 1 silent film—captivating audiences with their narratives.

The Screenwriters Lab is mentoring 8 projects out of 140 applications, while the Book to Box Office program facilitated connections between publishers and filmmakers.

Producer’s Workshops, Student Producers Workshops, Exhibitions, and Pavilions are nurturing talents and collaborations, celebrating global cinema’s richness.

The Creative Minds of Tomorrow, a brainchild of Thakur, is fostering innovation among young talent.
This initiative is witnessing exponential growth, stimulating creativity and ideation among India’s youth. Film Bazaar will prove to be a nurturing ground for 75 talented young cinematic professionals from various disciplines.

Thakur also announced that as a nod to innovation and in line with the Prime Minister’s call for ease of doing business, an exciting new component, “Book to Box Office,” has been added which will showcase 59 submissions seamlessly making the jump from books to screens. In the sidelines of the event, the Minister also inaugurated Google Arts and Culture Hindi exhibit which is an online hub having images and short videos from Hindi films.

The 10 recommended films from a variety of genres to be showcased in Film Bazaar at IFFI 54TH include documentary, horror, climate crisis, fiction etc. The films are in English, Hindi, Bengali, Marwari, Kannada, and Maori.

The Film Bazaar showcases the official selection of the feature-length projects of the Co-Production
Market from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, USA, UK, Singapore, Germany, France, Poland, Luxembourg and Israel. The selected filmmakers will be pitching their projects to International and Indian producers, distributors, festival programmers, financiers, and sales agents at the open Pitch.

As the inaugural day concluded, the Film Bazaar promises an immersive experience, marking a
celebration of collaboration and innovation within the evolving global film industry—a gathering
aimed at fostering creativity for the cinematic marvels of the future.

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