Get your Co-Production Project and Objective listed in Pickle India Film & Services Directory

From our experience at Cannes, it is an established fact that three out of five delegates looking to meet filmmakers from India scout for a reliable co-production partner. Also, it is a fact that three out of five delegates from India visit Cannes with an objective to look for co-production partners.

Co-Production opens new avenues for global filmmakers if they have a local story with a global appeal.

If your objective is to find collaborators, Cannes is the best place to begin the journey.

Write down your thoughts clearly and begin your global journey at Cannes.

Make yourself visible in Pickle and matchmake yourself to find an ideal partner.

Get your co-production project and objective listed in the Pickle India Film & Services Directory.

India has 13 active Co-Production Treaties with Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy,  Israel, Republic of Korea, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, UK & Northern Ireland. It is now possible for filmmakers of different countries to come together and make films under bilateral co–production agreements. Co-productions under these agreements are more beneficial to filmmakers than a purely commercial partnership between two individuals or entities. New markets and audiences would be available for the product, especially if collaborations and partnerships are between nationals of different countries.

Pickle India Film & Services Directory at Cannes will have a wide distribution in print and digital formats before and during Cannes at Cannes market area and major hotels in Riviera. Request you to fill details below and send it on priority before April 26, 2019. Please list most up to date direct e-mail of personnel in-charge to ensure you receive all future correspondence. If you have questions contact +91 9884562227.

Uploaded photos should be in hi-resolution. (under 10 MB). The text will be edited for clarity. Please upload photos of executives with name of the executive as file name and film photos with film name as file name.

In the objective specify — your goal at Cannes — Be Specific if you are looking for a Co-Production Partner (also mention country from where you look for co-production partner), investor or talent.

Details to be submitted for Co-Production Project