Dedicated fund to take Indian gaming global: Vikram Sahay

By Pickle  August 25, 2023
Dedicated fund to take Indian gaming global: Vikram Sahay, Pickle Media

The IDGS Gaming Conclave in Delhi highlighted the dynamic growth of the Indian gaming industry, its potential for innovation and global impact, and the importance of collaboration between industry and government to nurture this burgeoning sector. It also provided a platform for stakeholders to share insights and lay the foundation for India’s future in the global gaming landscape

Highlighting the importance of supporting the gaming industry’s infrastructure, research, and development through a dedicated fund for the AVGC (Animation, Visual Effects, Gaming, and Comics) sector, Vikram Sahay, Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, has said that India, with its vast talent pool and innovative capabilities, is poised to emerge as a leader in the global gaming industry.

Dedicated fund to take Indian gaming global: Vikram Sahay, Pickle Media

Speaking at the inaugural session of the India Digital Gaming Society (IDGS) Gaming Conclave held on 24th August in New Delhi, Sahay emphasized the collaborative approach the government is taking in conjunction with various ministries to formulate a comprehensive national policy for the gaming sector. This policy aims to foster growth and innovation by integrating education, skilling, and research and development initiatives, he said.

Sahay encouraged the incorporation of India’s rich cultural heritage into gaming content, suggesting that culturally rooted games could not only serve the domestic market but also resonate globally, contributing to India’s reputation as a hub for gaming innovation. He further suggested that international collaborations could help the Indian gaming industry reach new heights. He welcomed the industry’s suggestions and recommendations to shape the government’s support initiatives.

Dedicated fund to take Indian gaming global: Vikram Sahay, Pickle Media

Rajan Navani, President of IDGS and Founder & CEO of JetSynthesys Pvt Ltd, stressed the importance of building a sustainable gaming future and highlighted India’s potential to shape the global gaming and eSports industries. He said that there is a widespread appeal of gaming among young people and that nearly half a billion individuals in India have engaged with gaming in some way, indicating its popularity.

The IDGS President acknowledged the interest of global gaming companies in India and hailed their efforts to invest significantly in India’s gaming industry. Citing the example of few gaming companies from South Korea and Japan, he highlighted the excitement of global players to participate in India’s gaming ecosystem, making the country integral to their operations.

Dedicated fund to take Indian gaming global: Vikram Sahay, Pickle Media

Sean Hyunil Sohn, CEO of KRAFTON India, underscored India’s advantages in mobile gaming due to its large and native mobile gaming user base, and he encouraged government support to enhance the ecosystem. The Indian game developers and Indian game publishers started their business mainly from a mobile gaming, and they have a strength in terms of how to serve the mobile gamers better than compared to other traditional gaming companies, he added.

Citing the current gaming trends in Middle East, Africa and other emerging countries, he said that mobile gaming will become a bigger part of the gaming industry. Sohn said that India also has a very big talent pool in art and engineering. However, more work needs to be done in the area of game design, which is used to make blueprints for games.

Dedicated fund to take Indian gaming global: Vikram Sahay, Pickle Media

Prosenjit Ghosh, Executive Council Member of IDGS and National Head of PlayStation at SONY India, emphasized the transformation of gaming from a niche industry to mainstream entertainment. He said that the perception of gaming has evolved from being niche and anti-studies to becoming mainstream entertainment, on par with activities like cricket and movies. This cultural shift he said is one of the significant factors driving the transformation of gaming into mainstream entertainment.

The gaming industry, Ghosh said, has evolved from being a source of recreation to driving innovation and technological breakthroughs across various domains. India’s expanding middle class, tech-savvy youth, and the popularity of eSports have positioned the country as a significant player in the global gaming sector. The gaming market in India is projected to grow from USD 2 billion in 2022 to USD 5 billion by 2025, with an annual growth rate of 20-30%. The number of gamers is also expected to rise from 200+ million to 500+ million, he pointed out.

The IDGS Gaming Conclave in Delhi was the second in a series of five-city conclaves planned by IDGS to bring together all the major stakeholders in the gaming ecosystem together on one platform to create awareness about various issues concerning the industry and form strategies and roadmap for the growth of the sector to make India a global hub for gaming. The conclave witnessed participation of the government, startups, big gaming studios, academia and other stakeholders to collaborate and create a robust gaming ecosystem in the country driven by quality and innovation.

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