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By Pickle  November 22, 2023
Where Creativity Meets Technology, Pickle Media

The VFX and Tech Pavilion at Film Bazaar isn’t just an exhibit; it’s a testament to the blend of creativity and technology, signalling a future where storytelling extends beyond imagination’s boundaries

As the International Film Festival of India (IFFI) unfolds its vibrant canvas in 2023, an exciting addition is currently captivating enthusiasts and filmmakers alike: the Film Bazaar’s  VFX & Tech Pavilion. Nestled within a hanger along the Promenade, overseeing the serene expanse of the sea, this pavilion represents a shift in the way storytelling and filmmaking technology are explored.

A collection of stalls adorns the Pavilion, each offering a peek into the future of cinema. Here, filmmakers aren’t just “taking the shot” but delving into the vast possibilities of “creating the shot.” The traditional methods are being compared to the endless opportunities presented by the latest in VFX and cutting-edge technologies.

For the first time in Film Bazaar’s history, the VFX and Tech Pavilion beckon creators to witness an array of innovation. Here, within the bustling confines of the Pavilion, stands a tribute to cinematic artistry – a range of stalls showcasing the forefront of VFX, animation, virtual reality, and CGI.

As attendees stroll past these stalls, they’re enveloped in a world of innovation. Experts and enthusiasts engage in discussions that seamlessly weave between reality and the enchanting realms of technology. The atmosphere buzzes with excitement, punctuated by expressions of wonder as minds discover the potential offered by these technologies.

Brands like Google Arts and Culture, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Sony, Innovative and other esteemed contributors showcase the endless possibilities – from crafting intelligent characters to fashioning entire digital worlds.

Enthusiastic filmmakers gather around demonstrations, fueled by newfound inspiration. Conversations buzz with excitement as creators brainstorm ways to incorporate these innovations into their storytelling, envisioning narratives that push beyond traditional boundaries.

The Pavilion isn’t merely displaying technology; it fosters a playground for dreams. It’s not just about CGI or VFX; it’s a fusion of art and science, where imaginative canvases meet technological innovation.

Attendees aren’t just spectators; they’re active participants in exploring these possibilities. Engaging with experts and exploring the stalls, they’re shaping their cinematic visions, weaving narratives that transcend the norms.

The VFX and Tech Pavilion at IFFI 2023 leaves an indelible mark—a testament to the relentless spirit of innovation.

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