IndiaJoy Transforming India’s Digital Entertainment Landscape

By Pickle  October 30, 2023
IndiaJoy Transforming India’s Digital Entertainment Landscape, Pickle Media

With its thriving creative industry and commitment to nurturing talent, Hyderabad has become the hub for IndiaJoy to thrive. The platform serves as a vital catalyst for the growth and development of the Indian AVGC space, bringing together industry experts, innovators, and visionaries from around the world.

IndiaJoy provides a transformative platform that facilitates networking, exhibitions, new products, and B2B and B2C events. This convergence has opened up new avenues for investors, corporations, studios, content developers, delegates, consumers, hardware manufacturers, and students alike.

 Center of Excellence – dedicated office space for Animation VFX & Gaming Companies
 Project being developed on 10 Acres @Hyderabad Knowledge Corridor
 Project Cost : $ 1.2 Billions
 Total Built up space : 1.6 mil sft
 Plug & Play office space
 Warm Shell, MOCAP Studios, Green Mat Studios, Sounds and aquistic studios
 Colour coding, DI Studios, Render farms & Data Center
 High Definition Bandwidth
 Shared software services

Image Tower what you get when you move in

Image Policy – Incentives

 Reimbursement of Stamp Duty, Transfer Duty and Registration Fee
 Reimbursement of recruitment Assistance & Energy under Open Access System,
 Industrial Power Category Conversion & Reimbursement of exhibition stall rentals
 Reimbursement of quality certification expenditure & Capital inverstment subsidy,
 Reimbursement of production cost for animation theatrical released film,
 Reimbursement of production cost for animation cartoon series,
 Game production cost, Reimbursement of VFX Production cost,
 Reimbursement of lease rental & Entertainment tax exemption,
 Reimbursement of internet bandwidth charges & Allotment of land

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