Discover the Joy of Filming in India

By Pickle  November 1, 2022
Filming in India

India now provides a high-quality, turnkey solution to foreign productions. Because of proactive measures taken by the Government of India’s Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, an entire ecosystem awaits foreign productions in India, say leading producers of India who have made India proud by undertaking and successfully implementing some of the most prestigious co-production projects in India

India now offers a high quality, end to end solution to foreign productions. An entire ecosystem awaits foreign productions in India, thanks to proactive measures by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting, Government of India. India’s diversity allows a filmmaker to tell both India focused and global stories from here. A rural South African exterior or urban London office interior can be recreated right here with equal expertise and ease. As India prepares to bounce back after the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, renowned film producers who have successfully implemented many international projects in thecountry are hopeful that things would get better in India with production activities attaining the pre-COVID levels aided by enabling film policies, safety protocols being strictly implemented and norms for filming in India further eased to transform foreign producers’ vision to reality.

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