Easing Filming in India

By Pickle  September 11, 2022
Easing Filming in India, Pickle Media

As part of the government’s ease of doing business initiative, the Film Facilitation Office acts as a single point of contact for obtaining filming permissions. It assists the filmmaker on their journey from script to screen

India has scenic locations, incredible cultural diversity, trained film crews, and low production costs, all of which are complemented by film-friendly policies. Because of these advantages, many foreign studios are increasingly entering into agreements with Indian producers to co-produce films and television series. Under the automatic route, India also allows up to 100 percent FDI in film and television productions.

The Film Facilitation Office (FFO) serves as a single point of contact for obtaining filming permissions as part of the government’s ease of doing business initiative. The FFO serves as a collaborator on the filmmaker’s journey from script to screen. In the post-Covid era, using FFO’s online  ecosystem www.ffo.gov.in for filming has gained traction. During the pandemic, permission was granted for up to 18 international projects. As the government has become an important stakeholder in the Indian film ecosystem, the establishment of FFO in 2016 has ensured that permissions and other support services in India have become much faster and streamlined. FFO has assisted approximately 127 foreign film production companies in shooting in India.

Filmmakers can apply for permits for location recce, shooting in monuments under the jurisdiction of Archaeological Survey of India and locations under the Ministry of Railways at ease through the FFO. In order to facilitate filming, as well as to set up a system that will allow the FFO to address complaints about filming and track the receipt of incentives on behalf of filmmakers, NFDC, through the FFO, is constantly interacting with various Central Government Ministries/Departments and the State Governments.

To receive and process all applications from both domestic and foreign manufacturers, FFO has set up an online system. Along with connecting its system with numerous states and central ministries to speed up clearances, FFO has also established its own network of nodal officers within various state administrations.

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