EFM Landmark: Great Opportunity for Filming in India

By Pickle  January 28, 2020
EFM Landmark: Great Opportunity for Filming in India, Pickle Media

For the first time, Berline’s European Film Market will host EFM Landmark — a new platform dedicated to bringing together producers and film commissioners under the name “EFM Landmark” (February 24 – 25, 2020). It is a great opportunity for film tourism and location heads in various state government’s across to attract foreign film producers to film in their respective locations.

EFM Landmark gives an opportunity for film commission representatives to make presentations, do business meetings and attract film producers and directors to shoot in their respective film locations. It’s a great opportunity to attract film producers in hosting a happy hour or reception at EFM Landmark.

Matthijs Wouter Knol, EFM Director aUS: “’EFM Landmark’ will add an infrastructure for the growing group of producers at EFM. In addition to visiting film commissioners at the stand where they do their one-on-one meetings during the week, ‘EFM Landmark’ events will help both producers and film commissioners to get a quick overview in two days of what’s cooking, what’s changing, who’s new and where to find unexpected gems that will help them speed up pre-production at the right location and forge collaborations.”

“We are very happy for this collaboration with EFM,” says Truls Kontny, EUFCN President. “For our association and for all European film commissions this collaboration is crucial and it’s a great opportunity to give visibility to our professionals and what they have to offer within their territories. It’s extremely important to have a physical space in such a huge international market where the industry can easily meet all our film commissions and learn more about our activity. Furthermore, this space will be the perfect location to assign our third European Location Award 2019: the award that EUFCN assigns every year to the best European location in a movie or TV series.”

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At EFM Landmark, film locations boards can not only assist them in their aims for the best locations for their film and drama series projects, but also offer an array of first-hand information regarding financing, co-production and shooting possibilities in the city or region they represent. Over the past 20 years, film commissions have become a key factor in the international film industry.

In 2005, a group of film commissioners devoted to the business of facilitating production activity constituted the European Film Commissions Network (EUFCN). In cooperation with EUFCN, the European Film Market will host a new platform dedicated to bringing together producers and film commissioners under the name “EFM Landmark” (February 24 – 25, 2020).

“EFM Landmark” will offer plenty of options to present new trends, the tax rebates and incentives du jour, as well as changes in co-production funding opportunities and showcases of the best locations for film and drama series to producers looking for the right fit. Additionally, an important aspect of “EFM Landmark” will be a matchmaking service on its two consecutive days.

Two days at EFM landmark will get producers and film director networked with Film Commissioners across the world and search for best place to look for locations for your next script will end here.

EFM Landmark 2020 offers a new platform to international film commissions to present and discuss trends and opportunities for producers from all over the world. Following up and asking for more details to ensure a match is made is crucial to a successful event. EFM Landmark therefore provides an exclusive meeting space for film commissioners and registered producers on 24-25 February in the new Business Lounge in the Gropius Bau.

Events will take place both in and around Gropius Bau, as well as in the Berlin House of Representatives, where the Berlinale Co-Production Market takes place. Like with all other business platforms at EFM, access to “EFM Landmark” is with a Market Badge only.

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