MADHYA PRADESH: A Filmmaker’s Dream Destination

By Pickle  September 11, 2022
MADHYA PRADESH: A Filmmaker’s Dream Destination, Pickle Media

Madhya Pradesh was named the state with the best film-friendly environment in 2020 at the 68th National Film Awards. It previously received the award in 2017

At the recently announced 68th National Film Awards, Madhya Pradesh won the prize for the state with the best film-friendly environment in 2020. Madhya Pradesh previously got the honour in 2017. The “heart of India,” Madhya Pradesh, offers a vast array of settings, doing away with the need for a set designer.

The state offers numerous and varied options for filming, ranging from renowned forts to the verdant hills of Pachmarhi and the marble cliffs of Bhedaghat. UNESCO has designated the temples of Khajuraho as a world heritage site. Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, has been the backdrop of several feature films ranging from B.R. Chopra’s well-known social thriller NayaDaur to PrakashJha’s political drama Rajniti, Anusha Rizvi Peepli Live, to the social drama Aarakshan starring Amitabh Bacchan.

The state has made significant efforts to facilitate filming in the state by developing a well-structured website, film-friendly infrastructure, offering incentives, maintaining databases, and launching marketing and promotional campaigns.

The appointment of Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation (MPSTDC) as the nodal agency for film shooting clearance, incentives, and subsidies in the state is one of the state’s initiatives to simplify film production. The tourism department also works with other departments to obtain the necessary legal permits for producers. MPSTDC provides discounts at state-owned hotels as well as free shooting at select locations. The state also provides capital investment subsidies ranging from Rs 3-5 crores for the construction of infrastructure as well as the installation of equipment to establish film studios, film production, museums, aquariums, and theme parks.

MADHYA PRADESH: A Filmmaker’s Dream Destination, Pickle Media

In terms of favourable film policies adopted by states, Madhya Pradesh has recently established a dedicated film facilitation cell to act as a nodal agency that would ease out shooting permissions through a single window clearance system.

The state provides incentives to all types of productions, whether they are films, documentaries, webseries, or OTT platforms. Then there are provisions for special incentives if the state is promoted in terms of tourism.

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