Shooting Locales in India – Daman and Diu

By Pickle  August 1, 2019
Shooting Locales in India – Daman and Diu, Pickle Media

Daman and Diu is a union territory in Western India. With an area of 112 sq km, it is the smallest federal division of India on the mainland. The territory comprises two distinct regions Daman and Diu, geographically separated by the Gulf of Khambhat. The state of Gujarat and the Arabian Sea border the territory. A Portuguese colony since the 1500s, the territories were amalgamated in India in 1961 through a military conquest.

For More Information Contact
Harshit Jain (Daman),
Apurva Sharma (Diu),
Deputy Director,Tourism,Department of Tourism
Tel: 9899932435 (Daman), 8010038183 (Diu)
State Website:

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