Shooting Locales in India – Jharkhand

By Pickle  July 31, 2019
Shooting Locales in India – Jharkhand, Pickle Media

Jharkhand is a nature lover’s paradise. It is home to countless waterfalls — Hundru Falls, Lodh Falls and Johna Falls. The State’s locales include forests, hills, valleys, waterfalls, wildlife, history, culture, charming towns and vibrant cities

Incentives offered by Jharkhand

  • If a film director, film is directed/shot in the state in which all the actors are from Jharkhand then the remuneration amount to be given to the actors is Rs. 50 lakhs only, whichever is less will be given as additional grant.
  • The films made in Jharkhandi languages given grant of maximum of 50 percent of the total costing, and films made in hindi, bangla, oriya and other languages granted 25 percent maximum of the total costing.
  • If any film is shot/directed by any director in the state in which the main five actors are from Jharkhand, then the remuneration amount to be given to the actors for the given film or Rs. 25 lakhs, whichever is less will be given as additional grant.
  • The documentary and feature film of minimum time duration of 30 minutes and 1 hour respectively if shot more than half days of the total days of shooting in Jharkhand then the grant limit is Rs. 1 crore. And, if 2/3rd shooting of such films is done in the state then they are eligible for a grant of maximum amount of Rs. 2 crores.
  • If after the film is shot and processing of the films is done in state, then the grant of 50% costs of the processing or maximum Rs. 50 lakhs is provided.
  • If any investor opens a film training institute in big cities of Jharkhand (excluding the film city) then 50% cost or maximum Rs. 50 lakhs is provided.
  • If any film director, by making/shooting of the film promotes tourist places of the state and culture which helps to form specific identity of the state outside the state, then film is granted a maximum of Rs. 50 lakhs.
  • Entertainment tax exemption on films made or acquired by Children Film Society, National Award winner, best Indian film in international festival, documentary films produced by Central government’s Film Division, family welfare films, objective/value based films made by state or central government.

Initiatives taken

  • Single table system for the successful implementation of film policy and to provide better facilities to the people associated with films.
  • Setting up of state level Film Development Council for discussing long term strategies to attract investments for the films and monitor the implementation of film policy.
  • Setting up of state film unit to feature minor/academic films made in Jharkhand in theatres and for implementation of film policy.
  • Security arrangements for film production.
  • A film shooting wing would be set up under police department to provide VIP security to film makers.

Shooting Locales





Dassam Falls



Giridih, among many others

For More Information Contact
Sd. Rashid Akhtar,
Nodal officer Cum Assistant Director, JFDCL and I&PRD, GoJ
Tel: 7004700270
State Website:

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