Shooting Locales in India – Karnataka

By Pickle  July 31, 2019
Shooting Locales in India – Karnataka, Pickle Media

This state has the Silicon City of India and a whole array of health spas. A range of architecture depicted through its palaces, temples, mausoleums, monuments and ruins. Sanctuaries, national parks and waterfalls, along with endless beaches, scenic hills and modern cityscapes are abundant here

Incentives offered by Karnataka

  • A maximum of 125 qualitative films in Kannada and Karnataka’s regional languages, which have been completely produced in the State are eligible for the prescribed subsidy every year.

(i) A maximum of four children’s films including those which have won the State Government’s best children’s film awards are eligible for a special encouragement subsidy of Rs. 25 lakh each.

(ii) A maximum of four qualitative films based on historical and tourism promotional films are eligible for a special subsidy of Rs. 25 lakh each.

(iii) A maximum of five qualitative films completely based on best literary works are eligible for a special subsidy of Rs. 15 lakh each.

  • Under the new Karnataka Film Tourism Policy 2018 filmmakers are given incentives for promoting tourism, reflecting Karnataka’s culture and heritage among others:

(i) Films to be evaluated on a scale of 100 by a committee headed by the additional chief secretary.

(ii) On screen timing should be at least three minutes for songs and at least five minutes for movie sequence.

(iii) Film must showcase at least three out of 319 identified tourist destinations.

(iv) Films get an incentive of up to Rs. 2.5 crores that score 90 and above (Category A) while the films scoring 75-90 (Category B) get up to Rs. 1 crore.

Initiatives taken

  • Karnataka Animation Visual Effects, Gaming and Comics Policy (KAVGC) 2017-2022 introduced to address areas of skill development, infrastructure growth, ecosystem expansion, marketing support as well as financial concessions and incentives for Karnataka.
  • The policy promotes exports by attracting global production, while at the same time providing impetus to indigenous productions in terms of original IP and short films and start-ups in areas such as game development, virtual reality, augmented reality and educational technology.
  • Hosting top global events in Bengaluru. An annual calendar comprising worldclass flagship events like Bengaluru GAFX Conference, Elevate 100 and Bengaluru Tech Summit.

Shooting Locales





Badami Caves

Balmuri Falls


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