Shooting Locales in India – West Bengal

By Pickle  July 31, 2019
Shooting Locales in India – West Bengal, Pickle Media

The British are long gone but the colonial influence still remains, in the look of its buildings and monuments. Interiors and mindsets that haven’t morphed with the time yet co-exist happily with the present. West Bengal offers a remarkable range of destinations and experiences within a single state. It is a land of contrasts- in climate, vegetation, scenery and landscape and has a rich diversity of ethnicity, culture, languages and religion. It is a truly unique state because it stretches all the way from the seas to the Himalayas

Incentives offered by West Bengal

  • West Bengal offers number of incentives which film makers and producer can get under different under industrial, tourism and MSME policies.
  • Maximum incentive of Rs. 30 million in the form of subsidy for film makers executing post production processing at the Cine Laboratory Complex.
  • Extension of government subsidy scheme to Nepali, Assamese, Oriya, Manipuri, Bhojpuri, Santhali and Chhattisgarhi films that are processed in West Bengal.
  • For new and renovated cinema halls, entertainment tax exemption for three years.

Initiatives taken

  • The West Bengal government is aiming to launch a single window to process requests to shoot movies in the state.
  • The Tourism Department is framing a film tourism policy which would promote West Bengal as a film tourism destination.
  • The Tourism Department is focusing on upgrading infrastructure in the shooting sites.
  • The government has issued a notification for setting up West Bengal Film Academy (WBFA), which will act as an umbrella body for all issues relating to the film industry.
  • Organisation of film events and festivals like Kolkata International Film Festival, Bengal International Short Film Festival, Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival and UNICEF International Children’s Film Festival.

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