West Bengal

By Pickle  November 1, 2022
West Bengal, Pickle Media

The British are long gone but the colonial influence still remains, in the look of its buildings and monuments. Interiors and mindsets that haven’t morphed with the time yet co-exist happily with the present. West Bengal offers a remarkable range of destinations and experiences within a single state. It is a land of contrasts- in climate, vegetation, scenery and landscape and has a rich diversity of ethnicity, culture, languages and religion. It is a truly unique state because it stretches all the way from the seas to the Himalayas.

Shooting Locales

• Kolkata
• Darjeeling
• Digha
• Sundarbans
• Duars

Mitra Chatterjee W.B.CS. (Executive)
Special Secretary & CEO Nandan, Government of West Bengal
Ph – 08910610704 | Email – mitroch@gmail.com

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