10 Reasons to Attend IFFI

By Pickle  February 22, 2020
10 Reasons to Attend IFFI, Pickle Media
  1. Besides being by far Asia’s oldest film festival, IFFI is regarded as an important event for filmmakers and industry professionals from across the globe. It embraces the works of a wide variety of international filmmakers from an average of over 75 countries every year.
  2. IFFI importance is also enhanced by the fact that it represents the world’s most prolific filmmaking nation. The festival takes pride in curating the best from India’s annual cinematic output of a 2000-plus titles. It is dynamic and flexible in the approach that it takes to the selection of films – reflecting the sheer diversity
  3. There is, of course, nothing to beat India’s cultural diversity. The festival, on its part, does its very best every year to give its foreign delegates a taste of the nation as a whole. It rolls out the red carpet for visitors from abroad. Be it films or food, IFFI throws the door open for a wholesome experience.
  4. One of the biggest draws for the foreign delegates at IFFI is the Indian Panorama, which provides an array of wonderful films made in different parts of the country in multiple languages. This offers a great opportunity to international festival programmers to sample a carefully curated programme made up of films by the established masters as well as those by promising newcomers looking to break into the global big league.
  5. There is probably no nation in the world that is as linguistically diverse as India. So for IFFI Goa, it is easy to bring a variety of voices under one canopy. Ten days spent at the film festival are guaranteed to help a visitor get quick but effective glimpses of virtually the entire subcontinent and its many delightful variations.
  6. On the sidelines of IFFI, the of the country. National Film Development Corporation organizes a five-day Film Bazaar, which has over the years become a dynamic space for the exchange of ideas, the incubation of new projects and for co-production opportunities. The Film Bazaar is focused on promoting South Asian talent and offering them a channel to the rest of the filmmaking world.
  7. One of the biggest attractions at IFFI are the retrospectives that the festival puts together of cinema’s greatest masters. It also hosts a slew of well-attended masterclasses targeted at aspiring filmmakers and technicians.
  8. For those looking for exposure to a range of South Asian cinema, IFFI is the place to be. Besides India, the festival showcases the works of filmmakers from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Its focus is also on many of the smaller filmmaking nations of the world whose cinema rarely, if ever, travels far and wide.
  9. At the top of any visitor’s list would be the undeniable appeal that Goa holds as a tourist destination that has many joys on offer for fun lovers and foodies alike. Goa is known the world over for its wonderful beaches where the sun, sand, surf and shacks create a magical ambience that is bound to capture the imagination of travelers.
  10. The old world ambience of the main IFFI venue is also a delight for those that love great architecture amid sylvan surroundings. The promenade running along the Mandovi River adds to the impressive beauty of the location, making IFFI one of the world’s more attractive festivals in terms of the site that it stands on today.


Total Number of Films Screened During The Festival : 304 Films

International Competition Section : 15 Films

International Section : 171 Films

Premiers (World, International, Asian, Indian) : 107 Premieres

Indian Panorama : 41 Films

Other Indian Section : 78 Films

Countries Participated : 76 Countries

Focus Country : Russia

Master Classes and In-Conversation Sessions : 33 Sessions

Delegates : Around 10,000

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