Time to Plan for Reimagined 2022 NAB SHOW Experience

By Pickle  January 11, 2022
Time to Plan for Reimagined 2022 NAB SHOW Experience, Pickle Media

NAB Show SVP of Business Development Eric Trabb shares his perspective on the reimagined NAB Show experience and what you can expect on the show floor in 2022.  The 2022 NAB SHOW is slated for April 23–27 in Las Vegas

NAB Show has been working on a reimagined experience for the 2022 show in Las Vegas. What will this mean for show attendees? 

Ultimately, it means that whether you’re a broadcaster, cinematographer, streamer or podcaster — really anyone involved in creating content, connecting with audiences or capitalizing on that content through monetization — you can find all the tools you need to do your work, all at the 2022 NAB Show. You can make the most of your time and get more out of the experience too. 

Because the new event design is built around real-world applications and workflows, you can easily navigate your way to the right solution, the right vendor, the right contact. You’ll also discover, right on the show floor, experience zones that bring products, technologies and workflows to life. Focusing on inspiration, innovation and implementation, these zones will give you a clearer sense of the big picture, new directions and opportunities within the industry, and the tools and technologies you can use to move ahead, whether with a new project or a new phase in your career. 

Walk onto the show floor, and you’ll find we’ve curated the journey for you. The show is organized around three pillars of the content life cycle — Create, Connect and Capitalize — and the Inspiration, Innovation and Implementation experience zones within each of those areas. We’ve added complementary activities and resources that align with each pillar, making it easier for you to learn in your interest area, to network with like-minded people and to find the new products you need. 

Time to Plan for Reimagined 2022 NAB SHOW Experience, Pickle Media

Why overhaul the long-familiar NAB Show model, and why now? 

Rapid, ongoing change — and particularly convergence across different areas of the media industry — over recent years has transformed the way media is created, managed, distributed, consumed and monetized. We’ve seen this change happening. We’ve also spent a lot of time seeking input from attendees and exhibitors from various communities about their needs and how the NAB Show can better facilitate networking, discovery and education. 

The old model, with a radio hall, a broadcast hall, a film hall and so on, simply doesn’t apply to today’s media ecosystem. Building on expertise gained over decades producing a vital industry trade show and on extensive feedback gathered over the past year and a half, the reimagined 2022 NAB Show offers a new and different experience. That’s going to be true whether you’ve been attending for 25 years or you’re going to your very first show. 

The reimagined NAB Show experience accounts for the fact that we live and work in a cross-platform world. High-end professional products and technologies previously within reach only for larger companies have become more accessible to smaller businesses, and those tools are no longer confined to different silos within the industry. The 2022 NAB Show design makes it easier for exhibitors to showcase their innovations and recent product development for this much broader audience. Attendees will find it easier to find and learn about tools and solutions that support their work. 

Given all this change, who should attend the 2022 NAB Show and why? 

The 2022 NAB Show is unique in addressing the full scope of the modern media industry while also guiding attendees towards the tools and expertise appropriate to their niche within that industry. 

If you’re someone who started up a podcast during the pandemic or built-up a following on Instagram, YouTube or TikTok, the show will not only help you find that camera or mic you’ve been needing, but also help you to see future possibilities for your work and your career. Maybe you know media is your future. Or maybe you’re not sure. The 2022 NAB Show is the perfect place to explore your options. You can delve into educational and inspirational programs in your interest area, or stop by a social event to exchange ideas with other people working in the same space. So often, meetings at the show lead to lifelong connections with colleagues — and a larger professional network — that help catapult a small business toward further success. 

If you’re a longtime NAB Show attendee with an extensive history in broadcast or film, the 2022 NAB Show gives you the opportunity to reconnect with friends and colleagues, to see the latest best-in-class products implemented as part of modern, real-world workflows, and to learn more about what industry convergence means for you and your business. 

In fact, the 2022 NAB Show will feature a brand-new showcase dedicated to one of the most notable areas of change across the media industry. The new Intelligent Content showcase will explore the ways in which data, artificial intelligence, and automation are influencing the full content life cycle, from the way content is created and managed to the manner in which it is delivered, consumed and monetized.  

The 2022 NAB Show is where you’ll find the people, technologies and inspiration that will help your business adapt and thrive going forward, and it delivers these benefits within a much richer experience — one tailored to provide fresh opportunities for learning, discovery and engagement. 

If I’m an exhibitor at the 2022 NAB Show, how does the new approach benefit me? 

One of the biggest changes in 2022 is that we’re really bringing the applications and action to the show floor. In creating this experience, we make it easier for attendees to lock onto the workflows and solutions of interest to them. At the same time, we’re delivering real, measurable value for exhibitors. We’re helping to drive the right person to their booth so that there is alignment on both sides. We’re also expanding the ways in which exhibitors can showcase their products and technologies. 

Through the experiential zones associated with each content life cycle pillar — Create, Connect and Capitalize — exhibitors gain added opportunity to highlight their solutions. While exhibitors might take advantage of the “Inspiration” theater within their pillar area to demonstrate a new innovation or present a case study, they can also reach beyond their core area with a presentation, networking event or other educational program in the Inspiration, Innovation or Implementation zone of another pillar area. This is a great way to feature a new or expanded use case for established solutions — and to boost overall awareness of your brand and product offering in the process. 

Any words of advice for first-time attendees? 

You don’t have to be an NAB Show alum, or even consider yourself part of the media industry, to go to the 2022 NAB Show and find valuable information, contacts and solutions. If you’re even thinking about coming into the industry, it’s a fantastic resource. In past years the whole experience might have been a bit overwhelming. When you go to the 2022 NAB Show, though, you can let your interests and curiosity be your guide. And, if you’re a content creator of any kind, you’re already part of the NAB Show community. 

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