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It’s rare to find a successful poet, lyricist, writer, and filmmaker — all combined into one man. Amit Khanna, who has completed five decades in the Indian M&E industry with his career spanning all media verticals, has lived and played all these roles with relative ease. He is the man who coined the word Bollywood and steered the Indian media sector on the path of convergence. His new book —‘Words, Sounds, Images’ — traces the history of M&E in India from the Indus Valley Civilization till modern times. We dive deep into his mind to understand Amit Khanna the person

What is your idea of real happiness?

For me, happiness is bliss which comes with fleeting moments of life from various things… from your deeds, the feel that comes from your tasks, the happiness when you watch something pretty, when you feel ‘oh, life is worth’, or when you have a simple, well-cooked meal. Of course, I love flowers, I love nature…

What is your greatest fear?

My greatest fear is that as humans, we are lagging behind science and technology and the progress which science and technology offers. The gap between what is possible and what actually is, is wide. That’s a fear. If that gap becomes huge, it will become difficult.

One trait that you don’t like in yourself…

Impatience and temper.

Which living person you admire the most?

I have learnt from many people. Let’s say… one has to keep learning from anything which is interesting… it is a new experience, new knowledge, new insight. I will observe from a farmer in a village to a well-known global figure.

What is your greatest extravagance?

I have done lot of extravagant things, like walking into complete luxury, sometimes I spend thousand of dollars on clothes.

Your current state of mind…

It is what it was 50 years ago…always thinking of new things and moving ahead

Do you lie?

Sometimes, when a simple lie can save somebody from getting hurt, when it can avoid unpleasantness. Otherwise no.

Which living person you despise the most?

No one as such. I don’t like certain people, and I just avoid them and that has taken me time. I don’t hate anyone, though I am vocal about my disagreement.

Your greatest love of life…

I had no such one…

When was the best happiest moment in your life?

Several points. Happiness is a feeling of fleeting joy or bliss at different points in your life. If it is one highpoint, life would be over.

Which talent you wanted to have today?

Two things I miss, which I admire a lot, but i don’t do. I know lot about music. But i can’t sing. And I can’t paint. These are the things which i wanted to do. I have a good sense of both art and music. I would even suggest Lataji and Kishoreda to ‘please sing in this way….’

If you can change one thing in your life…

It is my impatience, which made me take some very rash decisions.

What are your great achievements?

Number of people who are working in the industry, whose lives I have been able to touch.

Your treasured possession…

Nothing..why should I treasure my possession? Greats in any field have been forgotten in twenty years. So, I just don’t have false notions. you can’t buy immortality by doing anything.

Your favorite writers…

Whole range of them. I read all kinds of stuff, so…

Your favorite hero in fiction…

Again, will be many, different people have fascinated me.

Historical figure you identify yourself with…

Not one figure, but myriad people.

Your greatest regret…

I still think I have not done what I could have done.

How would you like to die?

Without passing discomfort to others. I would not like to die in a situation I
would disturb others who care for me.

You said you would like to write more books, what are they?

One is on food, about different foods of India including street foods and traditional foods. Another book is about change which technology will bring about in society.

How important is privacy to you?

To me it’s not important. Because, power of internet is worth more to me than my privacy.

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