Watch this Video: The Good Future Explained by Futurist Gerd Leonhard

By Pickle  January 11, 2022
Watch this Video: The Good Future Explained by Futurist Gerd Leonhard, Pickle Media

Nuggets from Gerd Leonhard, the actions we need to make for a Good Future

  • Don’t lose hope — the future is better than we think
  • 2022 will be a fantastic year despite the decidedly chaotic and often unnerving crisis recovery process
  • 2022 will usher in a strange kind of ‘golden era’ – a decade of fundamental change and reformation in all aspects of our lives, around the globe
  • Humanity is truly at a fork in the road – and the good news is that we will surely have all the tools (science and technology) we need; we ‘just’ need to work on our TELOS (purpose, goals, values and wisdom)!
  • 2022 will be an year of Recovery and Reformation: 3 tickets to Good Future: DDR
  • DDR: Digitization (the ethical and humanly sustainable use of exponential technologies), Decarbonisation (the global shift away from the fossil fuel economy and towards ‘circular everything’) and Reformation (designing a ‘sustainable capitalism’ based on the 4 principles of People, Planet, Purpose and Prosperity).

Gerd Leonhard is Futurist & Humanist, Keynote Speaker, Author of ‘Technology vs Humanity’, Film-Maker (The Good Future) and CEO of The Futures Agency in Zürich / Switzerland.

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