Why India’s Oscar Nominee, “2018-Everyone is a Hero” is Special?

By Pickle  October 16, 2023
Why India’s Oscar Nominee, “2018-Everyone is a Hero” is Special?, Pickle Media

The survival drama “2018-Everyone is a Hero” which is based on the devastating Kerala floods of that year, has been chosen as India’s official entry to the 96th Academy Awards, Pickle takes a close  look at what makes this film special. 

Global message 

2018, the Malayalam movie, effectively created an impact about the importance of sustainability, climate change and necessity to protect the environment. The movie indirectly created an awareness about why it is important to save nature and respect it. Though the subject is local, even the global audience can easily relate to it as nature’s fury is seen everywhere. The movie also implied that how humanity can rise above all difficulties if we stay together. Which is an important message.

What the director had to say: 

Jude Anthany Joseph, the director of Malayalam film 2018, which has been selected as India’s official entry to the upcoming Oscar film awards, termed the nomination ‘as good as winning the Oscar’. “This is as good as winning the Oscars. I just do not know how happy I am, as this is news that has shocked me. This is God’s blessing,” said Joseph.

“The response to the film after its release was in itself a big recognition and now comes this news. Each and every person who played a part in the film had worked really hard, as such were the conditions. I am thankful to God and am feeling really happy,” added Joseph.

Why India’s Oscar Nominee, “2018-Everyone is a Hero” is Special?, Pickle Media

Box office report: 

Even though 2018 got off to a decent start, it quickly gained momentum at the box office due to favourable word of mouth. It finally came out on May 5, 2023, instead of the original release date of April 21, 2023. It became the highest-grossing Malayalam film of all time and one of the highest-grossing Indian films of 2023 with box office receipts of over Rs2 billion (US$25 million).

The core plot: 

The 2018 floods serve as the setting for the movie. The film introduces a number of folks who are in various stages of their lives. A military dropout wants to leave the location because of the humiliation he endures there. An aspiring model perceives his kinship with a fishing family as a barrier. A taxi driver has made the decision to drive two international tourists throughout Kerala. We have a correspondent who covers the Mullapperiyar topic from both sides. The central conceit of the film “2018: Everyone Is A Hero” is how all of these characters and others associated with them became victims, survivors, and fighters in this unparalleled catastrophe.

Smart writing: 

The entire process of making this movie is difficult. It had an impact on several areas of Kerala, and there was an attempt made to recover. Therefore, choosing whatever point of view you want to take is essential when writing a movie on a huge canvas that may be seen from many different perspectives. That’s where 2018’s intelligence manifests itself. Jude Anthany Joseph concentrates on a specific location rather than writing a lengthy account of Kerala. He recounts every heroic deed, good gesture, and heartbreaking tragedy that occurred there. That kind of aids them in evoking the fear that the populace felt without actually aiming for dramatic images of destruction. 

Comprehensive documentation:

Jude Anthany Joseph’s idea is admirable in that, rather than providing in-depth documentation, he allows the spectator to feel the particular night in Kerala when there was a great deal of insomnia. The entire scene depicting the character’s family’s battle for survival, which is played by Sudhish, is excellent. You won’t detect any set or visual effects elements in the way it was designed. The arrival of the fishermen to the rescue was another expertly staged moment. Jude skilfully captured the goosebumps-inducing scene that occurred in real life on the big screen. The underwater scenes were quite skilfully done. 

Why India’s Oscar Nominee, “2018-Everyone is a Hero” is Special?, Pickle Media

Outstanding direction: 

Jude Anthany’s direction was exceptional; the entire movie had a high standard throughout, he didn’t cut corners, and the entire thing had a realistic vibe. The audience receiving the right impression of the flood idea while viewing the movie is the most crucial fact. Up to the very end, the many events, unanticipated developments, and struggle for survival kept me in an absolutely exhilarating frame of mind.

Top notch technicality:

The creators of this movie put in a tremendous amount of work. Instead of relying solely on VFX, they developed a proper set, which added to the film’s beauty. The artwork, set, and production quality were all of astounding quality. The entire movie appeared authentic and natural; the audience didn’t sense any artificiality. Nobin Paul’s background score was superb; he had a thorough understanding of the survival thriller genre and had chosen the best background music for the movie. World-class cinematography was created by Akhil George. Every viewer will be captivated by the excitement of his pictures, and he provides a breath-taking visual pleasure. ChamanChakko’s editing was excellent, and the movie had flawless cuts. 

Solid script:

After seeing the movie, it is clear that the story and the screenplay were both meticulously created because the writing is strong and substantial. The research done for this script was outstanding, and each incident has proper and compelling explanations. 

Convincing characters:

Tovino Thomas’s character has an advantage over other characters because he is given greater screen time. His transformation from a timid man to a real-life hero was skilfully depicted in the script. The roles played by Asif Ali, Lal, Narain, Sudheesh, KunchackoBoban, Aju Varghese, and VineethSreenivasan were equally important and powerful enough to carry the film. The portrayal of Kalaiyarasan’s character had taken on a new hue, and it was emotionally compelling. Siddique, Gauthami Nair, and AparnaBalamurali’s characters failed to have the desired effect. 

Perfect performances: 

Tovino Thomas breathes life into the role. The character arc for his role evolves gradually with the film. Lal and his two sons Narain, Asif Ali (model) shouldered the film at the crucial juncture. They play a major part as the fishermen and inspire others. AparnaBalamurali does justice to her role of TV journalist which has limitations. KunchackoBoban and Vineeth Srinivasan are under-used. Their roles don’t rise beyond a point. The best part of 2018 is none of the characters deviate from the story and each role has some significance.

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