A Quest to Redefine Filmmaking

By Pickle  April 12, 2024
A Quest to Redefine Filmmaking, Pickle Media

Vivek Kandasamy’s drive to innovation goes beyond product development at Film Engineers, a Film-Tech Startup. Vivek is also the Programme Lead for Virtual Production at Whistling Woods International, where he helps shape the future generation of filmmakers. Film Engineers collaborated with Whistling Woods International’s Emerging Media Lab to create awareness & provide education built around ground-breaking home-grown virtual production tools. These tools aim to streamline virtual production, making it more accessible and efficient and will be pitched at NAB SHOW 2024, Las Vegas

What has been your experience attending NAB Show?

Attending the NAB Show has been profoundly enriching for both our team and myself. The opportunity to engage with the latest in broadcasting and multimedia technology has not only broadened our horizons but also provided us with invaluable insights into emerging trends. The show serves as a hub for innovation, allowing us to network with industry leaders, learn from pioneers, and gain a clear view of the evolving film technology landscape. This has significantly influenced our approach to virtual production, enabling us to integrate cutting-edge solutions into our offerings.

What made you start Film Engineers, and what is its vision?

The inception of Film Engineers was driven by a passion for filmmaking and a recognition of the technological gaps in the existing production process. Our vision is to revolutionize the filmmaking landscape by integrating innovative technology solutions that simplify and enhance the creative process. We aim to empower filmmakers with tools that offer unparalleled flexibility, efficiency, and creativity in bringing their visions to life.

What is the objective of Film Engineers? How have you been able to bridge creativity and technology?

The primary objective of Film Engineers is to create a seamless symbiosis between technology and the creative process in filmmaking. We’ve achieved this by developing tools and solutions that are intuitive and enhance creative freedom, rather than imposing technical constraints. Our products are designed with the filmmaker’s creative process in mind, ensuring technology serves as a catalyst for creativity, not a barrier.

How did you get into the virtual production part of the filmmaking process?

Our foray into virtual production stemmed from a keen interest in exploring how emerging technologies could solve traditional filmmaking challenges. Recognizing the potential of virtual production to transform set design, location shooting, and visual effects, we dedicated ourselves to mastering and innovating within this space. Our commitment to research and development in virtual production technologies has allowed us to become pioneers in this area.

Could you talk about the products? How will this be a game-changer in the virtual production process? What are the advantages?

The Portal Camera Tracker, Stage Encoder and all our products developed under the Portal Ecosystem are game-changers in virtual production by offering unprecedented precision, flexibility, and efficiency. These tools reduce the time and cost associated with traditional set and location shoots, enable real-time visual effects and set changes, and enhance creative possibilities. Their intuitive design & automated workflows ensure they can be easily integrated into existing production workflows with minimal inputs, making advanced virtual production techniques accessible to a wider range of filmmakers.

A Quest to Redefine Filmmaking, Pickle Media

It is a great initiative for India as we have very few products for the global market in the entertainment technology space.

Absolutely, these innovations represent a significant milestone for India in the global entertainment technology landscape. By developing and exporting high-quality, innovative products, we’re positioning India as a leader in film technology. This not only showcases Indian ingenuity but also contributes to the growth and diversification of the global entertainment technology sector.

What exciting plans do you have for innovation and product development?

Looking ahead, we’re focused on further pushing the boundaries of the filmmaking process itself. This includes developing AI-driven solutions to automate certain aspects of the filmmaking process, enhancing the realism of virtual environments, and exploring new applications for our technology in other areas of content creation. We’re also committed to fostering a culture of innovation within our team, encouraging ongoing research, experimentation, and collaboration with industry partners.

Could you share your experience with filmmaking technology, as well as where India is headed and the future opportunities for technology in entertainment?

The intersection of filmmaking and technology is an exciting frontier with endless possibilities. India is uniquely positioned to play a pivotal role in this evolution, thanks to its rich storytelling tradition, technical expertise, and vibrant entertainment industry. The scope for technology in entertainment is vast, ranging from enhanced storytelling tools to entirely new forms of content consumption. As technology continues to evolve, I anticipate India will not only adapt to these changes but also lead innovation in several key areas.

Who has been the biggest influencer for you in this journey?

Throughout this journey, the biggest influencer has been the collective wisdom and pioneering spirit of the global filmmaking community. From industry veterans to independent filmmakers who continually push the limits of creativity and technology, their resilience, innovation, and passion have been a constant source of inspiration and motivation.

How has tech as a passion influenced you towards innovation?

Sprouting from my science-fiction interests, my passion for technology has been the driving force behind my pursuit of innovation. It has instilled in me a relentless curiosity and a desire to challenge the status quo, leading to the development of solutions that not only address current challenges but also anticipate future trends. This passion has guided our mission at Film Engineers, propelling us toward creating tools that empower creators to realize their artistic visions without technical limitations.

How has academia (your involvement in Whistling Woods) and innovation in product (development) shape your thinking process?

My involvement with Whistling Woods has significantly influenced my approach to product development, fostering a comprehensive view that blends academic insights with industry demands. It highlights the crucial roles of research, education, and practical application in innovation, underlining the need for solutions that are both innovative and applicable to real-world filmmaking. Engaging with young minds and students at Whistling Woods has inspired out-of-the-box thinking, further enriching our development process with fresh, unconventional ideas.

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