NABSHOW 2024 Edit Note

By Pickle  April 12, 2024
NABSHOW 2024 Edit Note, Pickle Media

We’re excited to present the 101st edition of Pickle’s NAB issue, showcasing the latest in emerging tech and innovation. With a remarkable 600 Indian participants registered for the NAB Show in Las Vegas (April 13-17), India’s significant role in the global content and technology landscape is undeniable.

The NAB Show stands as the premier global event merging content and technology, offering India opportunities as both a market and a solution provider. Representatives from 160 countries converge at NAB, providing a platform to showcase India’s incentives and advancements in virtual production.

In this edition, we dive deep into India’s burgeoning virtual production stage. We feature an exclusive interview with Rajesh Ramachandran, Chief Technology Officer & President at Qube Cinema, discussing the pivotal moments and milestones that have shaped Qube Cinema’s journey and its vision for the future. Ramachandran elaborates on the company’s interest in virtual production and its alignment with Qube Cinema’s mission of empowering storytellers and embracing emerging technologies. Additionally, he provides insights into Qube Cinema’s collaboration with Annapurna Studios, highlighting the significance of this partnership in the realm of virtual production and the challenges and opportunities it presents.

This edition also profiles industry leaders like ANR QUBE Virtual Production Stage Chief Technology Officer C V Rao, whose vision is revolutionizing the way films are conceptualized, created, and experienced. Figures like Chaitanya Chinchlikar, Chief Technology Officer at Whistling Woods International, and Vivek Kandasamy, Founder of Film Engineers, are driving innovation beyond product development. They are pioneering new approaches and methodologies reshaping the future of cinema with groundbreaking virtual production tools: Portal Tracker and Portal Bridge (Camera Tracker). These state-of-the-art solutions streamline virtual production, enhancing precision, realism, accessibility, and efficiency.

Additionally, this edition features Ravindra Velhal, Lead-Technology Policy and Standards at Intel, a visionary figure shaping India’s technological landscape. He discusses Virtual Production 3.0, highlighting principles aimed at democratizing technology worldwide, emphasizing accessibility, inclusivity, and lifelike immersion.

As we continue to deliver the latest insights from the global entertainment industry, your feedback is invaluable. We invite you to explore the diverse offerings in this edition and reach out for inquiries regarding participation in upcoming events and collaborations.

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