NAB Show 2022: Self-Guided Tour of All Things Data, AI & Automation

By Pickle  January 30, 2022
NAB Show 2022:  Self-Guided Tour of All Things Data, AI & Automation, Pickle Media

Why is Intelligent Content a key destination — along with the Create, Connect and Capitalize pillars — at the 2022 NAB Show? Because it has become a real, transformational element of today’s media and entertainment ecosystem, with practical applications all across the content value chain.

Intelligent Content is relevant and important to your business. Whether you’re ready for it or not, it is the future. Perhaps that sounds like a bold statement, but if you look at the modern media business, you already see Intelligent Content everywhere, in broadcast, OTT and all manner of digital and social platforms.

Intelligent Content is content that uses smart technology before, during and after creation. It is informed by and embedded with data that can be traced, analyzed and applied. Thanks to this data, intelligent content can more easily be discovered, reused and adapted. It can be used for more than one purpose and on more than one platform. And in the end, intelligent content can make great storytelling more intuitive and enable a curated viewing experience for every single consumer.

Using Intelligent Content, Fox Entertainment and Blockchain Creative Labs have built on the hit show “The Masked” singer with the launch of “The MaskVerse,” an NFT marketplace and community designed to make buying, selling and trading of digital goods — Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) — part of the mainstream consumer experience.

Intelligent Content also drives the Squid Game NFT collection, which is likewise engineered to increase engagement with fans and develop a broader reach, with greater revenue-generation potential. Fans can purchase “Squid Game” NFTs, such as characters, honeycomb candy (Dalgona) and backgrounds, and eventually use them to participate in online games mirroring those in the popular show (with big cash prizes but without so much gore).

How does it actually work? Data, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning are being used to make content work harder. It’s a circular flow in which data informs content creation, and the data harvested through delivery and consumption across various devices and platforms informs further content creation and delivery. Used in this way, data drives smarter, richer and more meaningful connections between the producers and consumers of content. It supports new channels of engagement and new ways to generate revenue. This is the Intelligent Content showcase you’ll discover at the 2022 NAB Show.

Within Intelligent Content, you’ll find three focus areas: AI and Automation, New Engagement Channels, and New Business Models. It’s no accident that these areas respectively align well with Create, Connect and Capitalize, though AI and automation truly make an impact along the entire value chain, from camera to consumption.

As broadcasters, streamers and networks pursue more direct relationships with consumers, AI manages the data that drives better-informed decisions that lead to greater success. Supporting behavioral analytics and demand-led commissioning, it allows for more accurate viewership predictions, enabling more effective monetization of content, and even helps media organizations extend their reach, target new audiences, try new ideas and capitalize on new opportunities while minimizing risk. In conjunction with integrated tech stacks, AI also enables greater automation of production workflows, improving efficiency and reducing costs across the board.

All of these gains give media organizations the opportunity to explore new engagement channels and to connect with consumers in new ways. As audiences increasingly expect personalization at scale, content creators and distributors will need to engage with them differently and empower them to consume content in different ways. They will need to consider new business models, new methods for capturing data about audiences and viewing patterns, and additional platforms through which to reach consumers. (Social influencers, mobile and other always-on platforms, wearable devices, connected electronics, appliances and homes, and more!)They also need to understand the infrastructure and technical requirements needed to support all these new efforts and ventures.

The 2022 NAB Show will offer an in-depth look at all these aspects of engagement, giving you a better understanding of how your business can move forward in making content work harder for you. Building on that idea, the New Business Models focus area will examine exactly that: new business models. More specifically, it will reveal how consumer data is redefining the value exchange between content creators and content consumers — and driving the shift away from subscription and advertising dependent models. Here you’ll learn more about monetization and reaching the connected consumer in a data-driven media ecosystem.

While data has powered various parts of the industry for some time now, the idea of Intelligent Content isn’t necessary intuitive. That’s why this area of the 2022 NAB Show will feature a self-guided tour of all things data, AI and automation, complemented by a new content series on NAB Amplify. Exhibitors are utilizing Intelligent Content to help showcase a more holistic approach to how these technologies are impacting all levels of the workflow from create to connect to capitalize.

Eliminating much of the technical jargon while also providing opportunities for deeper learning, the show will make it easy to build foundational knowledge and discover the possibilities for your business. You’ll learn what Intelligent Content actually means for you, whether you’re in broadcast, streaming, or another area of content creation or delivery.

Ultimately, if you’re an attendee, this approach will help you to make meaningful connections so that you can make informed decisions, which in turn can allow you to create better content, connect with the right people, and make money. That’s always been the strength of NAB Show, and it’s truer than ever as the media and entertainment industry expands into new forms of creating, connecting and capitalizing on content.

If you’ve been in the industry for a while, you’ve seen that every time a new form of media is invented, people throw up their arms and say, “The world is over. That’s the end.” But in reality, the way people consume media is multifaceted and varied. It depends on the moment, how people feel, what they want to do, how much time they have.

There is always a place for these additional forms of media, the new along with the old.NAB Show is the only show that focuses on all of it — the entirety of the media and entertainment ecosystem. That’s why the 2022 NAB Show is the perfect place to learn more about Intelligent Content, how it relates to what you’re doing today and how it will affect your media business in the coming days, months and years.

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