NAB SHOW 2024 – Pioneering The Global Future of M&E

By Pickle  April 12, 2024
NAB SHOW 2024 – Pioneering The Global Future of M&E, Pickle Media

Featuring attendees from 160 nations, including 10 new delegations from different areas, NAB Show 2024 is well-positioned to highlight cutting-edge innovations, promote strategic partnerships, and set the direction for the global growth of content creation

The 2024 edition of National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show, set to commence from April 13th to 17th at the Las Vegas Convention Center, promises to be the definitive global rendezvous
for the future of broadcast, media, and entertainment industries. With representatives from a staggering 160 countries, including 10 new delegations from various regions, the event is poised to showcase cuttingedge technologies, foster strategic alliances, and chart the course for the evolution of content creation on a worldwide scale.

Chris Brown, the Executive Vice President and Managing Director of NAB Global Connections and Events, expressed enthusiasm for the growing international participation: “NAB Show has always been the
global gathering place for the media and entertainment industry – the collaboration and sharing of knowledge across all these markets is part of what makes the Show experience so special.”

The international landscape is witnessing a rapid surge in overthe-top (OTT) streaming, live events, cinematic narratives, and e-sports, with projections indicating substantial growth in revenue, particularly in the gaming sector. This burgeoning industry has attracted record-breaking investments nearing a quarter of a billion dollars in content, with countries like South Korea, Germany, and India at the forefront of innovation and production.

A melting pot of creative minds, the NAB Show serves as a catalyst for global storytelling, drawing creators from every corner of the globe. This year, representatives from film and TV councils, commissions, alliances, and guilds hailing from Canada, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Nepal, South Korea, and the United Kingdom will converge to exchange ideas, refine their craft, and propel
content creation to new heights.

A highlight of the event is the presence of 34 delegation buying groups from diverse regions, including 10 new groups representing Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, Oceania, and Central Asia. The international press corps, comprising nearly 40 percent of registered attendees, underscores the extensive global coverage and interest surrounding the NAB Show.

The event’s agenda features a lineup of engaging sessions addressing pivotal themes in technology, gaming, and cinematography.

Notable sessions include:

A Case Study of Caliente TV’s Studio Build and the Latin America Broadcast Market: An exploration of the challenges and opportunities in studio construction and operations within the Latin American market.

Catch a Global Star: Unveiling the Rise of Non-English Entertainment: A discussion on the evolving landscape of global entertainmentand its implications.

Shaping the Future of Television: Brazil’s Journey to TV 3.0 and the Paris Olympics Live Broadcast Trials: Insights into Brazil’s innovative approach to television broadcasting, leveraging the 2024 Paris Olympics.

A Case Study on ProblemSolving Innovations in Virtual Production Workflows: The presentation of innovative solutions in virtual production workflows by the Emerging Media Lab at Whistling Woods International, India.

The NAB Show will also feature international pavilions showcasing innovations from global companies, along with the participation of numerous partner organizations representing various facets of the industry. NAB Show continues to be at the forefront of driving innovation and facilitating collaboration in the broadcast, media, and entertainment sectors. As the event unfolds, it promises to offer a glimpse into the future of content creation and consumption, shaping the trajectory of the industry for years to come.


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