Production Services, VFX, Animation In India

By Pickle  July 29, 2019
Production Services, VFX, Animation In India, Pickle Media

Many Indian companies have created top end studio facilities in India that serve as a single window to fulfil the needs of overseas filmmakers

India’s contribution to Hollywood movies is well known – the last two Harry Potter films, Pirates of the Caribbean, Percy Jackson, Life of Pi, Skyfall, Prometheus, The Jungle Book, Blade Runner have all used India talent. This has been enabled as larger studios have extended their pipelines and proprietary tool sets and software to India.

The Media and Entertainment (M&E) Industry is one of the most dynamic industries in India with modern technologies acting as a key enabler for providing world-class services to overseas clients/companies. The industry is increasingly witnessing the convergence of media, entertainment and technology creating efficiencies in workflow, revenue streams and unique business models.

Indian media, entertainment and technology services are growing at an accelerated pace on the back of growing offshore services domain, especially in animation, VFX, gaming, AR/VR, film production, location and new media, among others. The Indian animation and VFX services have gained a lot of traction among the international producers and production houses.

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