AVGC can Emulate the Success of IT Industry

By Pickle  March 15, 2022
AVGC can Emulate the Success of IT Industry, Pickle Media

The announcement of setting up of the AVGC Taskforce underscores the importance of the AVGC sector and the role it can play in creating employment. The government is committed to take the media and entertainment sector to the forefront internationally and emulate the success of the IT industry, said Apurva Chandra, Secretary, Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

The secretary said the AVGC vertical has the potential to play a crucial role in achieving this goal by providing new avenues of growth and skilled manpower in this particular field to become the backbone of the media and entertainment sector in the country.

It is not just the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting alone can make this happen, he added. The education and skilling sectors need to come together to find ways to provide skilled manpower to the AVGC sector, he stressed.

“The development of the AVGC sector, apart from the media and entertainment industry, requires cutting edge education skill as well as natural talent in a person to express his creativity,” Chandra said.

Speaking on the role of the government, he said, “We have to provide proper guidance. Once we do that, then it is bound to grow.” He recalled how a small startup gaming company with just two or three people who were professional gamers has developed simple games that have been downloaded 60 to 80 million times across the world and are very popular in Europe and America.

“So, this is the kind of creativity which we are looking for. This helped that company to be valued at more than Rs 200 crores,” Chandra observed.

He was speaking at a Webinar on Achieving Atmanirbharta through the amrit mantra of Digital Education and Dynamic Skilling organised by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Ministry of Education and Ministry of Skill Development and Entreneurship.

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