Immense Opportunities of Growth, Job Creation in AVGC

By Pickle  March 15, 2022
Immense Opportunities of Growth, Job Creation in AVGC, Pickle Media

There is a huge potential of growth and job creation in the animation, visual effect, gaming and comic sector, which is expected to grow in double digits and the AVGC taskforce is all set to look at different ways to help realize this potential of the sector, said Atul Kumar Tiwari, Additional Secretary, Skills & Entrepreneurship, Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship.

He was speaking at a Webinar on Achieving Atmanirbharta through the amrit mantra of Digital Education and Dynamic Skilling organised by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. Ministry of Education and Ministry of Skill Development and Entreneurship.

“This particular sector provides opportunities for those who are seeking jobs even though they may not be having a formal education. You may not be having a degree from an engineering college, but if you have a talent and creativity component then this particular sector will provide the possibility and that is what we need to provide more in the studios,” he said.

Speaking on the growth opportunities, he said that animation and visual effects form 40% of the backbone of the advertising sector, movies and OTT, which is only going to grow over the years. “That is a huge opportunity. Today, there are companies in our country which have started working in the international market. Many of the international films have also been processed here and this can grow potentially over the period,” Tiwari said.

Gaming, he said, is one of the world’s fastest growing sectors. “Apart from the aspects of gaming per se, whether it is betting or game of scale, it requires very high skills and creativity and that is a sector we want to focus on in the task force,” he added.

The National Center for Excellence for AVGC which has been pending for some time would soon be set up and a number of discussions with the industry on this have been concluded. “I believe we can set the standards for education and skilling throughout the country. AVGC Education is being provided here by a number of universities and colleges independently, but there are no standards per se for this. So, this AVGC Center for Excellence will set up standards for what is to be done on the education side,” Tiwari said.

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