Google Hails Power of Indian Stories 

By Pickle  November 22, 2023
Google Hails Power of Indian Stories , Pickle Media

Sanjay Gupta, Country Head and VP Google India launches at Film Bazaar 2023, the Hindi Cinema Project,  a Google Arts & Culture initiative  with 21 partners that features 7000 images and videos, and 120+ curated stories

Sanjay Gupta, the Country Manager and Vice President of Google India, announced Google’s commitment to preserving and showcasing Indian cinema’s cultural impact at the 17th edition of Film Bazaar as he unveiled plans for a new online visual hub that would serve as an extensive repository, chronicling India’s cinematic journey and storytelling prowess.

This repository would host a vast collection of exhibits and images, showcasing the evolution and influence of Indian cinema on a global scale.

Google Hails Power of Indian Stories , Pickle Media

Delivering a compelling address at the inauguration of Film Bazaar, Sanjay Gupta reiterated Google’s commitment to providing a platform for diverse voices from India and globally. He emphasized the integral role of storytelling in preserving culture and inspiring societal change, highlighting the deep influence of cinematic narratives.

He also emphasized the profound impact of global cinema on India while highlighting the country’s immense contributions to storytelling worldwide.

Sanjay Gupta expressed his gratitude for the festival, acknowledging its pivotal role in showcasing the best of global cinema to India while also projecting Indian stories onto the international stage. He underscored the festival’s significance as a convergence point for the world’s finest cinematic creations.

In his address, Sanjay Gupta celebrated the universal appeal of storytelling, emphasizing its ability to transcend cultural barriers and unite people worldwide. He highlighted Google’s commitment to providing a platform for everyone to express themselves, emphasizing the profound influence of storytelling in touching people’s lives.

“When a story from a faraway land strikes a chord with a completely new culture, it underscores that our similarities truly outweigh our differences. The world is actually one family. This resonates with me personally. At YouTube, we share a very similar purpose—to give everyone a voice and to show that stories have the power to move people and touch their soul,” Sanjay Gupta said.

Google Hails Power of Indian Stories , Pickle Media

Recognizing India’s rich storytelling heritage, Gupta paid homage to iconic epics such as the Ramayana and Mahabharata. He emphasized their timeless relevance in imparting wisdom and life lessons that continue to resonate across generations.

Moreover, Sanjay Gupta attributed the transformative impact of technology, particularly YouTube, in revolutionizing the storytelling landscape. He applauded the platform for democratizing storytelling, enabling anyone to become a storyteller and helping share diverse Indian narratives with a global audience.

The Google India executive showcased the platform’s role in putting lesser-known Indian villages, like Tulsi village in Chhattisgarh, on the global map through the creative endeavours of YouTube creators. In the village, he said, every third person is a YouTube Creator.

Sanjay Gupta celebrated indie filmmakers for their remarkable storytelling and acknowledged influential creators like Ashish Chanchlani, King, and ISRO for their role in amplifying Indian stories worldwide via YouTube.

Furthermore, Sanjay Gupta highlighted the dual role of technology in protecting content creators and viewers’ interests. He elaborated on Google’s efforts to combat fakes, using advanced technology to safeguard creators’ content and deploying AI and machine learning to detect and suppress inappropriate content on YouTube

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