Hyderabad More of a Vision Than a City

By Pickle  October 30, 2023
Hyderabad More of a Vision Than a City, Pickle Media

We want IMAGE City to be a go-to place for talent, technology, and business in animation, gaming, and visual effects

As the Founder and CEO of Green Gold Animation, Co-Founder of TVAGA and Indiajoy, and President of TVAGA, Rajiv Chilaka’s influence permeates both national and global spheres. Pickle catches up with Rajiv to dive into his experiences at Indiajoy, the collaborative spirit it fosters, the transformative role of TVAGA in shaping Telangana’s AVGC sector and Image Tower

What has been your experience attending Indiajoy over the years?

My experience attending Indiajoy over the years has been incredible. It’s been a journey filled with inspiration, collaboration, and personal growth. It’s always inspiring for me to witness the AVGC industry come together on a global scale. It’s amazing how Indiajoy brings together creators, industry leaders, and young talent to share their ideas and insights.

I’ve had the chance to interact with all sorts of professionals, from studio bigwigs to content developers, and even students who are the future of our industry. This diversity is what makes Indiajoy so special.

But perhaps the most remarkable part is the collaborative spirit. It’s not just about networking; it’s also about connecting with people who share the same love for storytelling and creativity. We’ve explored potential collaborations, celebrated our successes, and learned from each other.

And let’s not forget the media coverage. The attention Indiajoy brings to our industry is priceless. It’s helped us to new heights and acts as a spotlight for our work.

How does Indiajoy help the AVGC industry come together and collaborate?

Indiajoy plays a crucial role in uniting the AVGC industry. It’s like a hub where all the professionals in the field can come together and collaborate. Indiajoy hosts a series of international events. These events bring in investors, corporations, studios, content developers, delegates, and students. It’s an amazing opportunity for networking, where we can connect, exchange ideas, and explore potential collaborations.

But it’s not just about industry professionals; It also encourages B2B and B2C interactions. This means that both industry experts and consumers can get involved. It’s a unique platform that brings creators and their audiences closer.

In a nutshell, Indiajoy a global stage where the brightest minds in our industry can meet, share ideas, and set the stage for future collaborations and innovations.

What has been the objective and vision of TVAGA and the facilitation and collaboration provided by the Government of India?

TVAGA has always had a very defined vision and goal. Our mission is to support Telangana’s AVGC sector and to foster and support the industry’s growth. Representing artists, technicians, educators, and studio executives, we serve as a link between the government and the AVGC industry. Our goal is to enhance the well-being and professional standards of everyone in the AVGC field.

The Government of Telangana has been a great partner. The government has introduced policies to support the AVCG industry, and we are proud to be part of the consultative group that helps put these policies into action. The support goes beyond policies. They offer spaces, office facilities, and subsidies for entrepreneurs and small to medium enterprises in the sector. This kind of support goes a long way in boosting tech exports and generating employment.

TVAGA aims to drive the industry’s growth, and we’re grateful for the government’s collaboration in making this vision a reality. Together, we’re building Telangana’s AVGC industry a better future.

Hyderabad More of a Vision Than a City, Pickle Media

You have been a torch-bearer for Indian IPs and have created Little Bheem from Hyderabad. What’s your passion for Hyderabad as a global city?

Hyderabad holds a special place in my heart. It’s more of a vision than just a city. Its transformation into a tech hub is truly amazing. The AVGC industry’s growth, as exemplified by projects like the Image Tower, showcases the city’s potential to become a global hub for entertainment and creativity.

What’s also remarkable is the welcoming and diverse community in Hyderabad. It’s an environment that promotes inclusivity and teamwork by bringing together many cultures and perspectives.

My passion for Hyderabad as a global city is all about the belief that it can be a powerhouse for Indian IPs and storytelling and in producing content that appeals to people all around the world. This is a very exciting trip to be a part of. Being a part of this journey is truly exciting.

Why do you think Image Tower is special and what will it bring to Hyderabad when it is opened next year? What is your vision for Image City globally?

I believe the Image Tower is special because it represents a significant leap forward for the AVGC industry in Hyderabad and India as a whole.


The success of Mighty Little Bheem and other Indian IPs globally has proven the importance of region agnostic content and the caliber of home grown IPs. I believe this is the right time to move forward and take our rightful place in the global animation industry.

Rajiv Chilaka
Founder-Ceo – Greengold Animation

Hyderabad More of a Vision Than a City, Pickle Media

It will bring immense value to Hyderabad and the AVGC sector. The tower is designed to cater to the growing AVGC industry, accommodating up to 18,000 to 20,000 employees and providing an ideal environment for tech entrepreneurs and small to medium enterprises engaged in the sector. This will increase IT exports and also create employment opportunities.

Our goal for Image City worldwide is to become the center of innovation, creativity, and teamwork for the AVGC sector. We want Image City to be a goto place for talent, technology, and business in animation, gaming, and visual effects. We envision it as a hub for experts, studios, and worldwide content producers to collaborate on cutting-edge entertainment projects. Our objective is to establish Image City as a prominent participant in the global AVGC ecosystem and to place India on the map for AVGC.

What is your view of the entertainment business today? What are some of the challenges and opportunities?

Right now, the entertainment industry is undergoing a significant transformation. Technology is driving major changes, which means we have incredible opportunities to reach a global audience and let our creativity shine.

The entertainment business today offers amazing opportunities but also comes with its fair share of challenges. There’s content saturation, which means it’s kind of challenging to grab and keep the audience’s attention because there’s so much out there.

There is intense competition for viewers between traditional studios, streaming giants, and independent creators. Additionally, we continue to fight the problem of piracy.

Also, we’re in the midst of a transition from traditional revenue models to digital and subscription-based ones. So, while there are opportunities, it’s also a bit of a juggling act to make sure we stay profitable.

As for the opportunities, streaming platforms are a game-changer. They offer a direct path to a global audience and flexibility in content creation and delivery.

And demand for inclusive and diverse content is increasing, providing an opportunity to engage with a larger, more diverse audience. Our ability to expand globally and tell our stories to a global audience is made feasible by technology. Innovative technologies such as augmented and virtual reality enable us to craft immersive experiences.

Thanks to data and analytics, we can better understand our audience and improve our content. So, there’s a world of opportunities out there for those ready to embrace them. It’s all about staying creative, adapting, and delivering captivating content to a global audience.

How do we find great IPs, and tell stories to consumers around the world? What’s the facilitation needed for the industry from the government?

Finding great IPs and sharing stories with a global audience is what we’re all about. To discover these exceptional IPs, we need to encourage a culture of creativity and innovation within our studios and with independent creators. Collaboration is key, and it leads to the production of fresh and exciting IPs.

When it comes to reaching consumers worldwide, it’s all about adapting to different platforms and understanding the nuances of various cultures. Making tales engaging and relatable to audiences is the key to genuinely connecting with them; it goes beyond simply translating content.

Now, when we talk about the government’s role, it’s essential. They can be our partners in growth by providing incentives, building infrastructure, and setting policies that promote investment and innovation. Removing bureaucratic obstacles and offering financial support for emerging talent can make a huge difference. Plus, supporting international collaborations and partnerships is vital for taking our stories to the global stage.

In the end, it’s a joint effort between the industry and the government. We’re creating an ecosystem that nurtures creativity, fosters IP development, and ensures that our stories find their way to audiences around the world.

What is your view of the children’s content biz and how do you identify shows that have the potential to become successful brands?

The children’s content business is all about capturing children’s imaginations and that’s a special responsibility. When it comes to picking shows with potential as successful brands, we’ve got to keep our finger on what kids are into these days. Their interests are constantly changing, so we have to keep up. It’s also about the story and the characters. A good show must have a story and characters the kids can relate to and connect with. It’s about delivering a message in an interesting and engaging way.

We also consider the possibility that a show could exist off-screen. Some of the most popular kids’ shows go on to become brands with books, toys, games, and more. It’s like creating a whole universe around the show.

And, naturally, we aim for content that is timeless. We want our shows to keep attracting new generations of kids and become timeless brands. it all comes down to knowing what appeals to children, creating memorable narratives with likable characters, and creating brands that will last for many generations. Creating great children’s brands is all about being creative, establishing a connection with our audience, and having a well-thought-out plan.

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