Ode to Indiajoy

By Pickle  October 30, 2023
Ode to Indiajoy, Pickle Media

In the heart of industry’s vibrant sprawl,
Where inspiration’s flames begin to scrawl,
Events that melt like a cauldron’s pot,
Ideas emerge, like dreams, from this melting spot.

Animation and VFX, a visual dance,
Require more than speeches, they yearn for a chance,
Indiajoy, a spectacle, a multi-stage delight,
Puts Hyderabad on the map, shining bright.

Telengana’s government, with a resolute will,
Empowers the industry to flourish and fulfill,
Academic institutions, with graduates profound,
Carve a reputation, where excellence is found.

Masterclasses, keynotes, and spaces to connect,
An exhibition of innovation, you can’t neglect,
Curated with excellence, these events ignite,
Turbocharging AVGC, taking its global flight.

So let’s gather and celebrate, with passion and zeal,
For in these industry events, dreams become real,
A leap forward, a larger slice of the global pie,
In this melting pot of ideas, we aim to touch the sky.

Biren Ghose
Country Head, Technicolor India
Chairman, CII National AVGC Committee,
Vice Chairman, CII National Media & Entertainment Committee

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