Indiacast Drama Series

By Pickle  April 3, 2024
Indiacast Drama Series, Pickle Media

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Drama Series

Mangal Laxmi🇦​ 🇸​🇹​🇴​🇷​🇾 ​🇴​🇫​ 🇹​🇼​🇴​ 🇸​🇮​🇸​🇹​🇪​🇷​🇸

Indiacast Drama Series, Pickle Media

This is a powerful tale of sisterly devotion between Mangal and Lakshmi.  Mangal, a 35-year-old woman juggles the roles of a daughter, a wife, and a daughter-in-law with unyielding dedication. But at the core, lies her undying love for her sister, Lakshmi, who is 22 years old.  Mangal treats Lakshmi as her very own daughter. Her only goal is to find Lakshmi a perfect match. A husband as perfect as lord ram, so Lakshmi doesn’t endure the hardships and turmoil Mangal is facing with her husband Adit.

This is a captivating tale of Love, Sacrifice, and Mangal’s unbreakable commitment in ensuring that Lakshmi marries a man who loves and respects her.

Mera Balam ThaanedarThe Officer Husband

Indiacast Drama Series, Pickle Media

Marriage is the primary aim of the Indian society and a lot of parents scam by making fake birth certificate of under-aged girls to get them married early. This is a story about Veer and Bulbul who cross path because of one such scam. Bulbul is a 16-year-old girl who believes that she is 18 as told by her family. Bulbul is chirpy, friendly, helpful, carefree girl who hates studies. Her elder sister Drishti is just the stark opposite. She is studious and aspires to do a Master’s degree. Drishti is about to marry IPS Officer Veer who is an honest Officer and was recently in news for halting a Community Wedding involving underaged girls. The local politician Bhavani and her son Rana were under fire for organising this event. On the day of the wedding, Drishti is nowhere to be seen and assuming that she has eloped, the family pleads with Veer’s father to marry Veer to Bulbul instead. The twist in the tail is that Bulbul herself is 16 and the man who was in news for halting the marriage of underaged girls is himself going to be part of the scam. What happens when the truth is revealed? Will this marriage survive?

DoreeStory of a Girl Child

Indiacast Drama Series, Pickle Media

Even today there are millions of girls in India who are abandoned at birth. Doree is a story of one-such girl, who was deserted at birth by her own family solely because she was a girl, an “inferior gender” and considered to be a burden.

Ganga Prasad, a weaver of Banarasi sarees, while praying at the banks of the Ganga river, finds a girl child floating in the river. He saves the girl and despite his disability, adopts her. The girl now named Doree grows up to be smart, charming and free-thinking, who questions societal norms.

On the other side is a powerful, rich Thakur family who are infamous for their legacy of sons and male heirs. Ironically, the head of this family is a woman- Kailashi Devi Thakur. Kailashi devi believes that the family legacy can only be carried forward by the male child. She is the gatekeeper of the Thakur family’s patriarchal legacy.

The show is a clash between Kailashi devi’s small rudimentary thinking and Doree’s innocent progressive questions.

ShivShakti (Story of Faith, Sacrifice & Passion)

Indiacast Drama Series, Pickle Media

The story will be showcased from the point of view of Shiv Shakti. Their dramatic journey of love, duty, sacrifice and importantly their efforts and celebrations of transforming one another. This story will answer the questions as to why it is that when we say the ultimate husband, we think of Shiv. And when we give example of a woman who won her love with her intensity, we think of Shakti. Shiv, the greatest god in the universe, who neither dies nor takes birth. When nothing was in existence, he was there. Being the most powerful god, he is the calmest personality. Shiv is not a character; he is a personality to live. Despite of being God; he is a human at emotions. He behaves humanely. He is composed. He cries when he loses his loved ones. If he is the creator of everything, then he can destroy everything as well.  Sati is the incarnation of the supreme Goddess Aadi Parashakti who created goddess Lakshmi and Saraswati. And herself came as Sati (daughter of Daksh) when needed the most. Initially she hates Shiv because of certain misunderstandings created by her father. Later when she discovers that the whole world worships Shiv, she falls in love with him and marries him.

SuhaaganTwo Sisters, One Marriage

Indiacast Drama Series, Pickle Media

The show is based on a young girl, Bindya hailing from a small town in Uttar Pardesh, India. The show explores the quandary of a young orphaned Bindiya, who is

Burdened with the household chores by her extended family who is only interested in taking over Bindiya’s inherited property. Despite her unfortunate circumstances and existential crisis, Bindiya is an innocent, thoughtful and optimistic elder sister who alongwith all her household chores takes care of her mischievous younger sister-Payal, while suffering the consequences of her pranks. Caught in the web of fate, Bindiya ends up getting married to the guy Payal is in love with. Thus begins the battle between the two sisters who see themselves as the rightful Suhaagan (married woman). Who will eventually win this war- whereas Bindiya is the rightful wife & her sister, who believes she is the choice & love of Randeep.

Neerja- Ek Nayi Pehchaan

Indiacast Drama Series, Pickle Media

Neerja was born like any other child, but there was a stark difference between a normal kid and her; she was born in Sonagachi, an area considered the largest brothel in Asia- a home to sin, deceit, debauchery, and filth. With its countless brothels and immoral revelries, Sonagachi was loathed by every moral soul in the city. This is where she was born to Protima, one of Sonagachi’s prostitutes.Protima struggled to save her daughter from becoming another victim of man’s limitless appetite for lust. Despite having a problematic economic situation, she sent her to the best school and later to college so her daughter could get the best education. On the other end, seeing her mother slog it out day in and day out working as a nurse and doing other menial jobs, which of course was a façade Protima had put in front of her daughter, made Neerja feel the pain of her mother and motivated her to do good in life. However, it seemed like every girl born in Sonagachi had the same fate.

Agnisakshi- Ek SamjhautaA Compromise

Indiacast Drama Series, Pickle Media

Satvik & Jeevika live with their families when life takes an unforeseen turn for them. Jeevika meets with an accident which is allegedly caused by Satvik and loses the ability to have a child. Jeevika, unaware of this condition of hers, agrees to get married to Satvik, who she believes is her ultimate soulmate. Satvik on the other hand, wants to get married for his ailing father whose last wish is to see his son getting married.

However, because of the accident caused by him, Satvik is blackmailed into marrying Jeevika. He eventually agrees, but only with a condition. Jeevika’s dreams are shattered when Satvik asks for a divorce on the first night of their wedding. How they manage their “conditional marriage” and navigate through this unique situation?

Chand Jalne LagaStory of Love, Hope & Passion

Indiacast Drama Series, Pickle Media

Set in the beautiful locales of a picturesque fictional town of Parasnagar – Chand Jalne Laga is a story of love, hope and extreme passion. This is a story of Dev and Tara whose fates are sealed from the day they came into each other’s lives when they were children. Destiny however throws a curveball, and they are separated from one another, which causes a rift in their beautiful relationship. This separation brings guilt and anger which keeps on building for the next 15 years before destiny decides for them to enter each other’s lives yet again. 15 Years Later- Their worlds collide again however, they are still wounded by their past, but deep down, they both are still the Dev and Tara who were the light in each other’s life. Will they ever be able to get back together to fulfil their incomplete love story?


Indiacast Drama Series, Pickle Media

Junooniyat is a story of three individuals, Elahi, Jahaan and Jordan, dipped in love and entangled in a knotted thread of emotions, passion and delusion. It’s a journey where music is their anchor, savior and destination. This is a tale of love finding music for the soul. Elahi & Jahaan are each other’s world but Jordan tries to create a rift between them and gets married to Ellahi. Would Jahaan and Elahi’s paths cross again? Will Jordan succeed in extinguishing the lone surviving flame of melody from their lives? Or will their heartbeats create a symphony again to redefine love? Will music rescue the lovers, heal their broken hearts? Or will music succumb to the wild fantasies of a cynical man? These will be answered in a dreamy passionate tale of love dancing to the tunes of a throbbing, love-filled heart!

DharampatniThe Fate of 2 Couples

Indiacast Drama Series, Pickle Media

    Ravi, an extremely rich and powerful businessman is soon to get married to his childhood sweetheart Keerti. On the other hand, Malhar is getting married to Pratiksha only to get her family’s recommendation for his first job as a cop, which she is unaware of. Destiny brings Ravi and Pratiksha closer in odd sequences. Malhar ends up in an accident killing Keerti and convincing Pratiksha to take the blame, hiding the fact that the accident has led to Keerti’s death. Pratiksha gets arrested for accidental murder and with Keerti’s demise, Ravi breaks down completely. He uses all his wealth and power to save her from prison only to get married and to torture her. How will this marriage work out? Will Ravi get to know that Pratiksha did not cause the accident?

    Sherdil Shergil (MISMATCHED)

    Indiacast Drama Series, Pickle Media

      Manmeet Shergil is an extremely competitive girl and her only goal in life is to excel at everything. She moves out of her parent’s house to fulfil her dream of becoming an architect. After years of hard work, she becomes second in command at a prestigious firm. While she has no interest in marriage, she really wants to have a child and hence opts for an IVF. Her son “Anmol” is now her biggest support. Raj, the son of the owner, whose passion is to be a stand-up comic is now made to join the firm out of parental pressure. These two completely opposite personalities in an unavoidable situation pretend to be married and get stuck in a loop of lies with their family, leading to them actually getting married. Will Manmeet & Raj find love in their crazy imperfect marriage and realise they are perfect for each other?

      Saavi Ki SavariSaavi’s Ride

      Indiacast Drama Series, Pickle Media

        Saavi, a 21-year-old girl, rides a rickshaw in order to run her house and fund her education. In a twist of events, she ends up marrying a youth icon and businessmsn – Nityam Dalmia. How will they find love in this forced relationship? Join this journey to find out!

        Parineeti (Two Friends, One Marriage)

        Indiacast Drama Series, Pickle Media

          ‘Parineeti’ is a fascinating journey of two best friends – Parineet and Neeti, who are inseparable. While Parineet is content with her comfortable life and rooted in all her family values, Neeti is a strong opinionated girl who is determined to chase her dreams and become an air hostess one day. Their different outlooks and expectations from life lead them onto different paths but fate intertwines their lives together as they both fall for the same man, Rajiv and unknown to each other, marry him too. Will their friendship stand the test of time and love?

          Sirf TumObsessive Love

          Indiacast Drama Series, Pickle Media

            Set against the backdrop of a medical college, ‘Sirf Tum’ highlights the nuances of a complicated relationship between two people, Ranveer and Suhani, who are two pieces of a puzzle that fit perfectly together. Suhani is a simple girl who lives a sheltered life in the constant fear of her father and always adheres to her family’s wishes. She has strong beliefs about love and puts the needs of others ahead of her. However, when she decides to become a doctor and attend a medical college to pursue her dreams, her father allows her to do so only on the condition that her focus will only be on her studies.But with destiny playing its trick, she crosses paths with Ranveer who is, unlike her, an impulsive and passionate guy who is pure at heart and goes after what he wants. He is a man of his words and would go to any extent to protect his loved ones. Though a bit reckless, he has a strong personality and believes in living in the moment. Fate brings Ranveer and Suhani together giving way to a new love story. As Ranveer’s fire-blazing nature causes a ripple in Suhani’s calm-water life, will this love story have a happy ending?

            Choti Sardarni (The Brave Hearted)

            Indiacast Drama Series, Pickle Media

              Womanhood is laced with many complexities imposed by culture, society, familial responsibilities and many times by self-inflicted fear. But the one who faces all the harsh realities and emerges triumphant is truly a strong woman. Chhoti Sardarni sketches the life of one such woman, Meher, a level-headed Punjabi girl who dreams of a perfect life with, Manav, the one she loves.

              But all her dreams and hopes come crashing down due to unforeseen circumstances created by her mother Kulwant who is also the village chief. Kulwant has different plans for herself and her daughter’s political growth, and she and her sons murder Manav and arrange for a pregnant Meher to be married to the widow Sarabjeet with a young son, and a great political clout. Sarabjeet promises to be a father figure to her unborn child, as long as she mothers his own son. Fierce and full of fire, Meher emerges stronger, learns to combat her fears and becomes the protector of her family, a Choti Sarrdaarni.

              Molkki (A Bought Bride)

              Indiacast Drama Series, Pickle Media

                Rooted deep in the rural parts of the states of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana in Northern India, rests a very disturbing concept of Bride Buying, thanks to the skewed sex ration in these states. Molkki is the story of Purvi, a girl who is sold by her father as a Bride to Virendar, the village chief who is a widower, twice her age, and a father to two kids.

                She faces struggles of adjustment, identity and pride but above all, a man who is still in love with his late wife. Overnight, she must become a mother to his little boisterous children, while the family leaves no stone unturned in making her aware of her status as a Bought Bride from a family belonging to a lower class of society.

                But Purvi is determined to fight this battle with dignity. She tries her best to adjust, and realizes that Virendar is not afraid to stand up for the right. Their mutual respect stands the tribulations thrown at them and soon blossoms into an unspoken, often unacknowledged love.

                Will they have a future together, or will the untold truth of the past stand in their way?

                Ishq Mein Marjawan S2 (To Die for Love)

                Indiacast Drama Series, Pickle Media

                  As a sequel to the popular series Ishq Mein Marjawan, this romantic thriller drama is yet another suspense story where love will be the biggest gamble of life.

                  Riddhima is a good hearted girl with an extremely strong moral compass. Being an orphan, she has craved love and belonging all her life, her dream is only to marry the man she loves – Kabir, a top cop, and have a family with him. Kabir has been on the trail of an extremely dangerous white collared criminal Vansh Raisinghania who “allegedly” under the garb of manufacturing cutting edge water sports equipment, deals with illegal weapons and drugs. Kabir has failed twice in catching him and as a patriot, he feels he owes it to his nation as his duty before anything. Riddhima sees Kabir worried and wants to help, Kabir asks her to become a mole and get into the world of Vansh, get closer to him and get the proofs against him which can help Kabir to implicate him and arrest him.  But what happens when Vansh falls for Ridhima and he proposes to her for marriage. Will she see his good side and starts reciprocating the same feelings or will she betray his love to only realise that Kabir had a personal vendetta against Vansh and this was his masterplan to destroy him all the while.

                  Ishq Mein Marjawan (To Die For Love)

                  Indiacast Drama Series, Pickle Media

                    Ishq Mein Marjawan (To Die for Love)  is an intriguing and mysterious story about Aarohi who has been married into a fake family set up with con artists playing the role of her in-laws. Unaware of the dark secret behind her marriage, Aarohi loves her husband Deep to no end. However, she is soon confronted with the unbelievable truth and then framed for murders she didn’t commit.

                    Jailed, with her identity stolen, and with her family having mysteriously disappeared, she is left helpless, only to realize that she has been betrayed by the very man she loved more than life itself. Watch how she plans the ultimate escape from the prison, to unravel the mystery and to avenge  herself from the man who deceived and framed her.

                    Barrister Babu (Life of a child Bride to Barrister)

                    Indiacast Drama Series, Pickle Media

                      Set against the archaic and orthodox backdrop of Kolkata in India, this is the story of an eight-year-old Bondita who is being married off to a 60-year-old man. But as fate would have it, her life takes a sudden tragic turn when her would be husband dies during the ceremonies! While she becomes prey to the social injustice that insist she live the life of a young widow, fate leads her to Anirudh, a London-return Barrister who wishes to liberalize women and unstrap them from cultural stereotypes.

                      Seeing her plight, he steps up to marry her instead, in order to free her from the bondage of the conservative  society. As he pledges to fight against the age-old norms and help Bondita find her identity, he unfolds a pathway for her to become a ‘Barrister’ . While Bondita asks some thought-provoking questions, Anirudh through his journey tries to fight them. Will Bondita and Anirudh be able to fight against this broken culture and mark the beginning of a revolution?

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